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  • Bingo!!

    So ive been working at climaxing to a certain masturbation technique for quite a while now. Probably 10 months.
    i can generally climax the old fashioned way by wrapping my hand around the shaft and massaging the loose skin under my hand over my glans. I get quite a good feeling doing this and with the extra sensitivity and all the slack skin, its great and i never touch the head with my actual hand, its inner skin on glans but with that usual grip like a circumcised man would do it
    however ive watched men who are intact masturbate and many of them only use the skin itself to massage the head with no added pressure from a hand. They grab their dick at the base and the foreskin does all the work, sliding up and down over the head, gently caressing it.
    Everybody here understands that this way of masturbating takes 3 things to climax. 1)dekeratinized glans, long enuf inner and outer skin, and the ring of muscle at the tip of the 4kin (the pucker).
    So ive been trying for months to climax by grabbing my shaft skin on the ventral side right below the scar line, centered on the urethral tube, with my left hand's thumb and index finger. I grab a certain amount and pull this up over my head. Ive grown enuf slack where i can mimic the glide of a natural penis and the "pucker" is created as well that will massage the glans.
    Problems that i encountered for a long time with this method are now starting to fade.
    1) when my anal muscles would contract (throb/twitch) it would pull on the skin i was grabbing causing discomfort. 2) my inner and outer skins werent quite long enuf especially the frenulum part. 3) inner skin and glans were still not sensitive enuf.
    so suddenly the other day after months things just fell into place. The skin is all now loose and sensitive enuf to when i am fully erect it feels like i am sliding a sheath over the entire shaft. And the coronal ridge is being caressed by the inner skin. I can feel it. Its an oddly addictive feeling. The feeling has always been incredible but suddenly it grew to a higher level. I achieved an orgasm masturbating this way and it was mind blowing.

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    That’s wonderful! One day I will get there too.


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      I have noticed what you mean by the foreskin region at the point of the frenulum being a bit shorter than the rest. I have noticed that in many photos of intact men this area is a bit longer. I have also experienced a very big improvement in sensitivity at the frenulum and that region very close to the coronal crown. The feeling there can only be described as exquisite. This feeling is especially intense with long slow strokes of the foreskin.