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London/ UK restorers ?

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  • London/ UK restorers ?

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to set up a thread for any guys restoring in London/ UK. I think we all appreciate how much easier any journey is when we have people to support us on our way. If there are any guys out there from London or the UK feel free to join the thread or send me a DM as I’m working to get a group of us guys connecting. Our US brothers outnumber us greatly but I know we’re amongst them here in the forum.

    look forward to hearing from you all.

    Happy Monday,


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    Hey mate

    UK here. Two months in, mainly manual and also have a tlcx. A support group sounds great as it’s a long journey but together we can get each other through it


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      Hey Lewol,

      great to hear from you! Welcome to the thread pal! Hopefully over time we will get some momentum here with UK guys! Support is certainly the way forward in this long journey! Like minded people will certainly help.


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        Bristol here


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          I am a UK restorer for many years. Now in my 70s, I started in my late 50s. I still tug, but consider myself restored. I have an explanatory blog on this site if you want to have a look. Woody Hoody


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            Morning Bristol guy / woody hoody,

            Great to hear from you both.

            Bristol guy; how are you getting on?

            Woody Hoody; Ah awesome, it’s good to have a super experienced restorer amongst us. I’ll check out your blog to read about your journey.

            As you can probably tell from the title I’m London based. Been restoring since January 2018, end of. It’s been quite a relax approach to restoration from my side, I try to do at least something every day. As I’m sure you guys will agree sometimes life gets in the way but I’m making progress slowly but surely. At the point where I have lots of wrinkles I’m just working to achieve reliable and constant free hanging rollover which is proving quite a long process but hey I knew that before I started.

            hope you guys are having a great start to the week and thank you for getting involved in this thread.



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              This would be a great thing to put in the suggestion box - separate sub-forums based on location!
              Check out my restoration progress gallery here!


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                I agree as then people can connect with people who are local to them and more chance of meeting the people we spend ages chatting too!