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Restoration with Jelqing and Less Activity?

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  • Restoration with Jelqing and Less Activity?

    I'm sorry if this was already answered, I searched the forum with only a few results. I actually came across the concept of restoration because I started jelqing to increase girth/length. Thankful I found it and after research, especially surprised to discover the number of discomforts / pain, etc I've experienced (which I thought were normal) are all related to being cut.

    What I'm curious about is, is it safe to continue the jelqing / stretching, while doing the restoration, or should I put that on hold while I do this? i.e. don't want to have too much activity and cause issues, I understand that, like anything else, healing is a critical part of the process, so I don't want to overwork. I did read how many people experience growth from the restoration anyway, but still curious if anyone has done the methods simultaneously?

    Also, in terms of masturbation/sexual activity in general, have people noticed healing or faster results from less of that? (since, again, it involves less activity) or is it pretty non-conclusive?

    Thank you!

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    Unless we disagree on what jelqing is, I don't recommend it under any circumstances for any reason. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...g-glans-damage
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