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Mind Blowing Video of a Restored Foreskin

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  • Mind Blowing Video of a Restored Foreskin

    Hope I am allowed to post this video here. I was very impressed with the TLC X method in this video and also the amount of skin that this person has gained using it. I am blown away with the spring loaded tension and strapped tension used. I think that the TLC X probably deserves it's place at the top or at least within the top 3 devices out there... This video proves it, at least to a person who has tried many devices.

    Check it out:

    We all know who it is. Thanks for the video! Amazing progress!

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    Wow! He has four great videos. Very happy for him, and it is inspirational for me. Thanks for the lead to this.


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      Psh, another two-years-to-flaccid-coverage person... I've been at it two years and I've only gone from CI-1 to CI-3...

      Oh well, glad it worked out for him. He's got some impressive flaccid length too.

      Maybe I should spring-load my DTR like that... would be handier than rubber bands.


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        That is a huge dick. Which means a lot of skin.... mine is smaller. Why can't I restore faster .
        Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

        Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

        See my progress gallery


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          That is a huge beautiful penis with amazing foreskin. I wish I could see his journey from start to now and what exactly he’s done. He’s basically an exact model of what we all want.