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  • Retaining /packing / dekeratinization

    Two items. I’m starting to deleratinize on the first half of my head since the ridge is covered most of the time.

    I know Ron used to send retaining cones to expectant fathers to demonstrate added sensitivity.

    my question- since I’m not actively tugging will retaining result in dekeratinization and is there any type of timeline associated with this? Also, I imagine the inner skin has a dekeratinizing process as well.

    onviously there are major benefits to this - any negative consequences come to mind or from experience?


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    As long as retaining involves covering your glans (and it usually does) then it will cause dekeratinization. It is coverage which causes mucosa to be protected from abrasion, which allows keratinzed cells to slough off. Abrasion, which roughs and dries the skin, which is the cause.Avoid abrasion, and you will see what you want The act of tugging has nothing to do with it. And there is no timeline we can guess at for you; it takes as long as it takes, and your future experience won't be ours. I know no one likes to hear that, but its the truth.


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      Avoiding abrasion is key. My habits involve abrasion even when attempting not to.....


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        Originally posted by Robrestoration View Post
        Avoiding abrasion is key. My habits involve abrasion even when attempting not to.....
        It took years for me to see a glossy, moist glans of a more "natural" color. Coverage brought that. Coverage, for me, took the form of my glans, corona, sulcus and remaining mucosa being covered by shaft skin which I rolled over those areas, so obviously I needed enough shaft skin to make that happen. I was "loose cut", so I could do that almost from the beginning. The penile bodies can be pushed back into the pubis, and retract. But the point is, there was never a time when those stuctures weren't covered. I rolled the shaft skin down, pushed the penile bodies back, and used common band aids in the usual cross pattern to create that coverage. How long did it take for the mucosa to change to its natural function? I don't know, not exactly, but years certainly. I have enough skin tube now to roll down over those areas, and all the changes I wanted to see, I now see.

        Coverage was always possible for me. So my advice is to experiment and see if you can use band aids to make coverage happen. Then "habits" whatever they may be, will not be quite the influence they were, and you, too, may see what I saw. This whole practice is not a passive, drive-through-window sort of thing. You have to experiment, and put effort into the practice. You either want it, or you don't, and if it isn't easy because you find problems, then, if you want it, you put what it takes into the practice to see what you wanted to see. Skin tubes and tissue changes aren't some sort of shrink wrapped, commercial product found on a store shelf, they are changes which happen because you wanted them and did something about it. Those changes are natural so take advantage of natural influences: coverage, and the intrinsic response of tissues under the influence of coverage. There really isn't any other way to say this. Restoration is all about you, and what you want, and you knowledge of the natual responses from your tissues. No "outside" influence, chemicals, goop, or whatever will make this happen. Just you and your efforts and knowledge.