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What does ci 3 mean?

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  • What does ci 3 mean?

    Simple noob question.

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    Originally posted by Joebug99 View Post
    Simple noob question.


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      It may be a simple question, but the answer isn't. Some of the commonly used information you see used on restoration forums is questionable, as is the so-called "coverage index". So-called CI tries to measure results in a standardized way, but it's meaningless because you can't do that for several reasons, and add to that, the author of this index used bogus photos (photos of intact guys, not circumcised restoring guys) to support or "prove" the accuracy of the CI index. Bogus is bogus, and vague is vague.

      None of this is a big deal because you either have new skin which reaches to or covers a certain area, or you don't. Knowing a "name" to call it when it does, or doesn't, has nothing to do with success because that coverage either meets your goal or it doesn't. If it doesn't then you continue on tugging. If it does, then is that your goal?


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        The Coverage Index uses numbers, which is the main problem with it. It's not laid out in a way which lets someone predict "I went from CI-2 to CI-3 in 4 months, so getting from CI-3 to CI-4, and then from CI-4 to CI-5 should also each take 4 months."

        But it's very useful for conveying your state of progress when photos or dropping your pants are not possible.

        I prefer to use Forced Erect Coverage http:/ since it is a way to prove to yourself that your progress is steady, and it's something restorers can use to compare themselves to others.
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