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Anyone else with upward curve?

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  • Anyone else with upward curve?

    Does anyone else’s penis have a natural upwards curve making it awkward in loose clothing? Solutions?

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    Mine also has an upward curve, and my tugger sticks out the same way yours does. I use a CAT II Q, so I know what you'd mean about it being awkward with a TLC-X.

    Solution? Pull it to one side. The CAT comes with a small keyring that threads through the end, which I use with a safety pin to attach the device rod to the side of my boxers. With your TLC setup, you could probably use a safety pin with one of the rubber bands.


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      Thanks a lot for the tip, I typically wear tighter clothing as well so there is definitely an adjustment period. But I know it will be worth it


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        I liked the reply above because it is clear, and is based in real-life experience. That's rare here so it needs to be recognized. Kudos to z.


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          Can foreskin restoration straighten an upward curved penis?


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            Originally posted by tomjones View Post
            Can foreskin restoration straighten an upward curved penis?
            Unless the curve is caused by really tight skin on top, it won't.

            It could be Peyronie's Disease, in which some kind of fibrous plaque or scar tissue prevents a small area of the tunica albuginea (surrounding the erectile chanbers) from fully extending. I did a search online, and found some rather exaggerated drawings, but they get the point across:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Peyronies-Disease.jpg
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            And here's one from a the website of a urology clinic in Washington DC - it basically depicts the same thing, but here we've got a site in the USA finally showing a "normal" penis with a foreskin:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Peyronies-schematic.jpg
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              The question, all upward curves is the results of Peyronie's Disease?


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                Mine curves up and I don’t think that has anything to do with disease. That’s just the shape.
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                It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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                  I’ve witnessed in porn vids where some erections aren’t necessarily curved (which I think is also normal), but it simply points straight up vertical, like right up against the stomach instead of horizontal like most others. I actually am a little jealous of such a state.


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                    If there is a sharp bend in it, probably Peyronies

                    But a curve is not always Peyronies.
                    While i was in school, mine had developed an upward curve from always wearing briefs with penis pointing UP. It hid erections better that way, and it was not an enviroment that was good for needing to adjust yourself.

                    If you're willing to work with it, the curve can work really well in some positions for giving g-spot/prostate stimulation. But it also works against you like in most positions getting deep-throat head.

                    With a softer semi-erection you can gently do some rolling bends against the curve to help stretch the top surfaces to help even it out straighter. If you use underwear, wear your penis tucked against the bend

                    tuguser, that erection angle is more about a short penis suspensitory ligiment, or very strong pc muscles. When erect you've got some pelvic muscles you can flex that make your penis twitch kind of up and in toward your body. You can build those stronger with doing a lot of reps of Flex-Release. Then move into Holding each rep flexed for several seconts before release. Then once you're feeling pretty strong even move into starting weight training, while erect flex it a few times then lay a hand towel over penis and do another set of reps. Hand towel, wet hand towel, light towel... with a weighted foreskin restore device
                    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything


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                      I hear what you’re saying and I think I know what is meant by ‘flex release’ exercises. Are they the same as ‘keegling’? Not sure how to spell that word. But I was doing it as an exercise to strengthen my PC muscles in an effort to control or prolong orgasm during sex or self pleasure. I haven’t tried doing it for a long time now. Maybe I’m thinking of a different exercise.
                      I’ve also read about having a shortened penile suspensory tendon (or whatever that term is…) which does indeed lead to erections pointing directly vertical, but I honestly think that even doing ‘flex release’ exercises will not get one’s erection to rise as far vertical as what was earlier described. It may help a little bit, but I don’t think it will result in a full vertical alignment.
                      I’m much older now, just turned 58 yesterday, so chances of my trying to achieve that are probably doubtful at best. When I was much younger, I wore briefs with my penis always pointing north, when I was naked, it usually jutted out in front instead of hanging down, but I think that’s mostly because I’m a grower (severely), more so than a shōwer. We can’t have it all I guess🤭 But now that I’m much older and had changed to wearing loose fitting boxers and now to wearing long legged fitted boxer type underwear, my Johnson hangs down more, especially because I’m always wearing a weighted device. (weights are my preference)


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                        Yes it's kegels. But many guys just stop listening after you say to do that, "cause those are women exercises".

                        You're right that you probably still won't need to pry your dick away from your stomach, but building stronger kegel muscles will help it be able to point farther up. Better erection quality, more control of approaching orgasm, stronger/ longer orgasms...
                        Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything


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                          If your penis is more curved now than at some time you can remember, then you must seek medical advice.

                          Whether natural or due to disease, a curve can be countered with a VLC Hanger {} and a penis extender {} with our Velcro Peyronies strap {}

                          Only do this under a doctor's supervision.

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                          -Ron Low
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                            My erect dick has a slight upward curve. When I was a teenager, I was often getting hard ons at the slightest provocation and wore my dick in my briefs straight up so they wouldn't show as much and still do, but at 62 the hard ons seldom pop up unannounced. Similarly, I had a buddy in high school who did just the opposite and his dick developed a pronounced downward curve. I have no idea whether it was due to peronies (sp?) but it never seemed to bother him or the way it functioned. When we compared we always assumed it was due to the way we hid our hard ons. Go figure.


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                              You sure don’t look 62 … wow