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  • residue

    I have been using a tugger for about a week now and today when I took everything off I noticed there was a residue like clear snot but it smelt of sperm. I have also noticed a decrease in flaccid length but width and Erect is still the same. Does not appear to be harmed but has anybody else experienced anything like this?

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    Tugging, for some men, stimulates precum production and emission. Alternatively, you may just leak small amounts of precum sometimes and you just weren't quite aware of it happening before wearing a tugger. I'm not aware of any health consequences that are bad from it happening. It could make the tugger slip off more easily though. Not much you can do but clean yourself and the tugger afterwards.
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      I have not had any issues of it sliding off but I do use baby wipes and then dry everything off. Wasn't really sure I thought it was the mucous I have read about but being cut from birth I have no knowledge of what the mucous is supposed to smell like.


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        Are you sexually active? Surely you would have noticed some pre-ejaculate?


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          I'm married but I drive semi so sex is every couple weeks or so. It doesn't look like precum. Would it help with dekeratinzation?