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  • Finding A Real Doctor

    So the purpose of this thread is to discuss finding doctors who do not mutilate children. I am looking for a doctor, and I want one who is not pro baby cutting.

    My thoughts on how to find one would be to go to the office, and talk to the people about their thoughts, and see which doctor I want.

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    Well, there is an organization "Doctors Opposing Circumcision". You could start there. "Your Whole Baby" also has a list of intact friendly doctors. Or you could just flat out cold call and ask him bluntly. If hes a pro cutter, bitch him out, hang up and move on to the next.


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      Europe and Asia would be good places to start! :P


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        Thats pretty unrealistic considering he lives in the US.


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          Not every physician has OB or peds urology priviledges. If you guys actually knew anything about the subject you think you would be in a position to state an opinion, let alone give advice, rather than just passing on the hateful, ignorant bias of restoration sites. You guys are the ISIS of restoration.

          So......ask yourself "who does neonate and pediatric circumcision. And then ask yourself, who PAYS for this? My point is, become knowledgeable, not clueless neophyte amateurs. Intactivism is a serious stance, not for those who don't realize that they are standing there with their thumbs up their ass. Was I harsh here? Think about it: the innocent future victims require skill, knowlege, and effort, so get the fuck out of your drive-through, social media intacivism.