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Living with meatal stenosis

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  • Living with meatal stenosis

    So one of the many wonderful benefits of my adult circumcision is that I've developed meatal stenosis -- I am now unable to pass water normally as urine leaves my urethra in two streams at an angle of almost 90º.

    Since I'd rather not let anyone with a scalpel anywhere near my junk in the future I'm hoping restoration will improve my condition but even then optimistically it'll take several years for me to achieve any tangible results.

    How do you deal with this condition? I've tried washing my glans before peeing every time but it has no effect, I end up making an absolute mess every time.

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    Missing Piece~

    My suggestion for not making a mess when you pee, is to sit while you pee. Even for a guy who's aim is stellar, there is plenty of splashing going on around the commode floor, walls, etc. It does not make for an enjoyable time cleaning or for that matter, smell.

    If you do decide to restore either manually or with a device, you are then in a "ready" position to dab your glans with TP and then start your restoring regimen.

    If you were able to restore to the effect where you are covered while flaccid, then you would have eventually a "funnel" for your pee to exit in one direction. But you will have to be patient, it will take time depending on age, elasticity of skin, your restoration routine, and who knows what else.

    Hope some of these ideas help.

    My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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      I have been restored for a number of years now. My glans is covered unless I retract the skin tube. However, the end of my tube is not like the prepuce that was amputated in my infancy. It looks good, it is so comfortable and has regenerated my glans to a shiny mucosal state, but it does not direct my pee in a controlled stream. Inside my fauxskin the meatus can be covered and not perfectly aligned with the opening. This causes havoc and is about as directional as a garden sprinkler! Every restoration is different, so this might not be everyone's experience. There will be many benefits from restoring, so go for it, Woody


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        Everyone should believe WoodyHoody, his words ring with truth; he's been there and done it. My 2 cents in this thread is that when my meatus is butted against my skin tube, my stream loses directional control as well, mainly because I have two small flaps of tissue at the very end, which can affect that stream. So, will restoration (a skin tube) correct your issue? Doubtful. It actually gave me your problem (I sometimes think I could hit a target behind me lol), but I'm aware of it, and am ready to correct my aim in an instant. If you have time, dabbing with TP to open any flaps present actually works. Dabbing afterwards is certainly indicted (to blot residual urine) and you can use it to clean off the toilet rim. I never use a urinal. Doing so, in my neck of the woods, leaves you open to mugging.


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          Stenosis is a different situation, of course. It implies scar tissue or fused tissue. Both situations can be corrected surgically, or at least mechanically, as I understand it. This is why penile sounds are manufactured; not for some fetish but for correction of dysfunction. Have a urologist check it out, see what he says.


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            Thank you for your replies. I thought it was due to the keratinization of the glans, but it seems the issue might not be so straightforward.

            I appreciate the fact that peeing sitting down might be the wiser option but there are psychological and emotional issues at work here. This is the way I've gone to the bathroom for 30 years. Changing the way I go to the bathroom would only reinforce the feeling of mutilation/castration circumcision has given me. That's why I'm restoring -- I want to fight rather than surrender, if only for my self-esteem.

            I'll ask a urologist about what can be done, though I dread having more surgery.