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  • Getting started/Glans measurements

    Hi guys, I am considering purchasing the basic tlc tugger with the strap and retaining cone. Because I live in the U.K the website says I should take pictures of my glans when flaccid and erect against a ruler and send them the pictures so they can do the measurements for you. This is to help avoid high shipping costs for those outside of the U.S. When I measure my glans myself I estimate it to be 29/30 mm when flaccid, however when I take a picture of my glans against a ruler and look at the picture I estimate the glans to be about 40mm when flaccid. I think this is because of the angle at which you look at your glans when measuring or when taking a picture the way you hold the camera. I'm just worried about the measurements being inaccurate and ending up with a tugger body that is perhaps too big. Am I worrying abit to much? and are pictures more likely to be more accurate than measuring the glans yourself?

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    A photo will be a better source for the measurement than try to peer around a ruler. If in doubt, send it and Ron will take care of it.
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      Ok will send photo's. Thanks for the advice.


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        Dude! Just get some vernier calipers and measure across the widest part of your glans. Done deal!


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          Welcome to the forum Shaun, from a fellow UK restorer.


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            Cheers kohuk 👍