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Javeflake ONE year later.

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  • Javeflake ONE year later.

    Well I looked at the date and realized it has been exactly one year in.

    March 8th 2015 I confronted my parents and reaserched the foreskin. The same day I started tugging. I made good steady progress for the past year and got up to about 75% FEC (from less than 25%) at my max. The past 4-5 months though have been a little gard though because I decided to tug only the inner skin and my FEC has dropped to about 60% I also have not been measureing. Because of this my penis usually looks the same as it did on day one. I can feel the difference though and sometimes when I sit down and it is cold I will get rollover and half coverage.

    I have been limited to manual meathods so lately I have been setting my alarm early so I am able to tug for an hour before work which has helped.

    This year I want to tug at least 30 minutes of both inner and outer skin six days a week. I have found that more tension does not let you take less time. Less tension for longer works best. I guess I should set some goals. Eventually I want to be able to have nocturnal erections without my foreskin retracting, but this year I will settle for 100 FEC.

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    Congratulations, the simple fact that you've been at it for a year is a huge milestone and something you should be very proud of. Good luck on your journey!!
    If I know one thing in life, The fastest way to success is through consistency. Thinking of stopping / need some motivation? PM me.

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      Good deal! You'll get there. Your drop in FEC is likely due to the skin returning to its normal state. Most guys need way more outer skin than inner. Remember we're trying to grow a piece of skin the size of a 3x5 index card. That's quite large. Manual is a good way to correct unevenness. How much inner do you have? So when you confronted your parents, what was their reaction?


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        They seemed to think it was not a big deal but they appreciated that I was hurt that my body was changed. I think that it helped them see me as growing up. I havn't tolt them about restoring yet.

        I have not measured in some months and I did not measure before I started. I believe that I had less than 25 mm of inner skin (stretched length) before I started. Last time I measured I had gotten over 40 mm most places around. left side is shorter than right side and under where the frenelium should be is the shortest. I almost think that old man knew where the most sensitive parts were and wanted to scape off as much as possible. >
        I am passed being depressed about it but thoughts like that just make me angry.

        I agree that I need a lot of outer skin... I have enough inner skin that it would cover almost half of my glans but not enough outer skin to do much covering. The reason I wanted to grow more inner is because the act of trying to retain uses up most of my outer skin despite having 40mm of inner skin.
        I did some rough calculations and I figure that I need over 80mm of (stretched length) inner skin and over 300mm of outer skin.
        That may not even be enough after accounting for longer settling of the skin.
        I had a pretty botched cut job on day one (of my life) Hairy skin was pulled halfway up my shaft during erections before I started, now I have just enough to not have any hair on the shaft but the skin is still relativly tight.
        Maybe I should try to spend more time focusing on outer rather than inner.
        I also figured that if I was able to gain 2% compounding every month it would take me a little over 5 years total.


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          Get a device. It is so much more convenient.