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  • Thank you

    Thank you all for the help and support. Becoming aware of this was scary, confusing, and heartbreaking. However, with the knowledge we all share , we are recovering and quite literally growing more everyday. I am beyond thankful that some kind of synchronicity led me here. Ron was like a street lamp lighting an avenue I couldn't see. And now, you guys are like an extended family to me. Thanks again gentlemen... Best wishes and kot

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    Thank you for the kind words. I think this community is a fantastic place. It's very welcoming and we are all aware of the problems of circumcision. I think we're very lucky to have this forum. Thanks Ron


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      Thank you as well, I feel like one of the best tools to restoring is the community itself. Once you establish yourself in the community and make some friends who are in similar circumstances, you'll likely be more successful with your journey. I wish you well on your restoration journey!
      If I know one thing in life, The fastest way to success is through consistency. Thinking of stopping / need some motivation? PM me.

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