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Switching your 'hang' direction?

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  • Switching your 'hang' direction?

    I naturally hang to the left. Therefore, when wearing my TLC-X under my jeans, it feels best to hang in the same direction. (This, of course, doesn't apply if I'm unclothed and restoring at home).

    For the more experienced restorers - or for those of you that have completed your restoration - did you always strap/wear weights/etc. to the same side? Or did you switch from left to right (or vice versa) every now and then? I'm wondering if keeping it the same would have any effect in the long run - as in restoring on one side faster. I ask because every once in a while, when I feel that the TLC-X has loosened a little, I notice that the cone has slipped, resulting in more tension on the left side than the right. It's usually only a few minutes before I can get to it and readjust, so it's probably no big deal...just thought I'd throw it out there.

    An aside:

    Years ago, I went to a comedy show with some friends. At one point, the guy made a claim that he could tell which side you hang to based on which pocket you kept your wallet in. "So...all the guys in the audience...check your wallets. Whatever side it's hang to the other side." Everyone did, and looked at each other with a 'whoa, what?' kinda face. Haha. So yes...I hang to the left, and I've always worn my wallet in my right back pocket.

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    Oh my god... How did I never consider this?! I've always tried to put it on my right leg, but of course I hang left as does the left testicle. Of course this would be more comfortable!

    Not sure about speed but I bet this helps from a comfort perspective.

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      Based on my memory, most people vary the sides, under the theory that it will even out the skin growth.



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        For me the cone would always slip and I know I never had equal tension all away around, while I tried to remember to switch (it has a mind of its own) and would switch itself back or not feel as comfortable, so spent a majority of its time to one side. And while I never noticed uneven growth I also used several different methods, so that may have also played a roll.

        Try to switch, and keep equal tension, otherwise: Don't worry about it, unless it significantly unbalanced for much of the time.
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          I tug T-Tape around my waist ... sometimes to the left, and sometimes to the right, and ... my "wallet" is far too big and bulky for a mere pocket.


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            Funny post, bdtater! I have always hung to the right, and my wallet is kept on the left hip. Whoa! What?

            But, more to the point, I have always switched side-to-side, and left-to-right depending if I was tugging down the leg or around the waist. I've used both methods. Switching up breaks the monotony, and possible keeps things even, IMHO


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              I usually switch sides in order to even out the overall applied tension. At least this is the intention. I do it on a weekly basis.
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                Just for the record, I hang to the left and also keep my wallet in my left pocket.


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                  I've been tugging exclusively to the right, because my circumcision was uneven and left me with more skin on the right side than the left, but I haven't noticed a difference in hand direction so far.