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    This is a long post.

    I am new to tugging, about two weeks.

    I have/had issues and insecurities, both sexual and physical.

    ...story time in a nut shell.

    I grew up around feminist, hippies, teachers, mother and her friends. I grew up hearing that men are bad, pigs, vile, rapping monsters. And me being a boy I grew up unconsciously hating myself for being a man and masculinity. I didn't have identity problems however.

    Fast- forward a couple decades.

    When my wife saw my scar for the first time she said, "what's wrong with it." That really upset me, because I didn't know what she meant. All the horrible words I heard about men from my past came flooding back. Mind you, this was before I ever thought about circumcision and it's impact on me mentally and physically. Later she reiterated that her expression was one of concern, she told me it looked like it had been burned in a fire.
    I never noticed because I've seen it my whole life.

    A few years pass and I hear about MGTOW. I start diving into that and learning about how men are very unappreciated and expendable. About how men are disposable and easily replaced. This really jived with me. I connected to everything these men were saying and was on board whole hearted, to the point that my wife was scared that I would leave her.

    We were getting in fights constantly at this point and have for a couple years. It was getting ugly, but we never gave up.

    After the two years I began calming down, I realized this whole time I was carrying this anger, tears and hurt and was merely going through my grieving and letting all that anger go because I was now finally understanding what programming was done to me mentally.

    During my MGTOW researching I came across some youtube videos on circumcision. What had happened to me didn't hit me until about a month ago when I again went through intense anger, hurt and tears over my parents and doctors choices to damage my body without my permission.

    I shared both MGTOW and circumcision with my wife. She couldn't handle MGTOW, but circumcision she was much more receptive and compassionate towards me and all the men that have had it done to them. (without actual medical reasons.)

    I ordered and recieved my TLC-X tugger about 2 weeks ago.

    I only tug about 4 hours during the night while I'm in bed winding down and eventually remove it after my first erection after falling asleep. (It hurts while becoming erect and wakes me up due to having been cut tight)

    I cried for a few days when the full revelation of what was taken from me hit me. Reading the stories of how feeling had returned to you men, how urination feels better and spouses are more satisfied, tears me up even more that this has happened.

    Thank you all for your stories and words of excitement and encouragement to each other, it makes me want to continue and restore what was removed, thought I know it won't be completely restored.

    Since I started restoring. I feel healing in my mind and heart has come and will continue too. I feel like my sexual issues and physical insecurities will also reach their healing.

    I will post my restoring photos to keep the encouragement going.

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    Wow mate, first of all welcome and your story was powerfully moving. I guess for me I have so much to say on this topic but I wont bore you or other readers. I see both side of the arguments but we must be careful not to turn into extremists like some MGTOW followers and some feminists. That extreme imbalance is what you experienced growing up and it isnt purposeful in my opinion.

    But like you mate I am also going through my emotional roller coaster ride. Anger, bitter, sad, tears, depressed, etc I had no idea about the circumcision was intact removing vital parts of an organ. It saddens me now as I write this. But it happened to me as it did so many of us and we are now on our journey of healing as you identified. Just want you to know you're not alone ok n this journey or the emotional ride you are on.

    This is why I have extending a area of specialty in my private practice to therapy for clients who are suffering as a result of their circumstances regarding circumcision.

    Glad you are slowly healing man and yep like you restoring gives me so much hope and happiness and I cant wait. If you ever need to offload your thoughts or vent feel free to drop me a line. We are all here to support each other. Once again thanks for sharing brother and KOT 😁


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      Lol turned into an essay anyway hahaha🤣🤣🤣


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        Originally posted by Zach View Post
        When my wife saw my scar for the first time she said, "what's wrong with it."

        Sorry you were cut.

        Restored foreskin feels really good.
        -Ron Low
        [email protected]
        847 414-1692 Chicago


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          There is a lot more to this foreskin restoring exercise than just being able to feel more comfortable in our own skin.

          It does not matter if someone goes to tugging till his new foreskin is down to his knees, or if its just enough not to feel pain while getting erections or during sex.

          The effect is the same, for each of us. We are healing physically and emotionally.

          Physically from pain and scarring.

          Emotionally from what was done without our consent and made to think and feel "this is just what is done for your own good"

          Foreskin Restoration is a game changer for all of us, and our immediate circle of friends we choose to share it with. The more that this message gets out, the better for the whole body, mind and spirit.

          For those that have been brainwashed, and made to feel inferior, this is a form of abuse. And needs to be treated as such.


          My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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            Gentleman you are so right, the impact is two fold, emotional and physical and we are all going through it. Indeed this is a game changer and something I am extremely selective about sharing. So far I have only shared it with my wife and you blokes here and FB. It's something I do not want to be shamed for or feel ashamed about.

            I also feel this is my personal journey and quite frankly only those with the same experience of grief and loss are the ones I chose to share my pain with.

            Your input is golden mate 👍👍


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              Thank you for your kind words.

              My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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                Thank you all for your understanding. Usually I hear when I share is, "get over it, it's in the past." Or "what is the purpose for your sharing?" (In a downplaying tone)

                BrisGuy Yes, MGTOW is wrong and just as narcissistic as feminism, I was realizing this as my grief was being emptied. I began to see double standards (among other things) just as feminism does and how MGTOW bashes feminism for their double standards; hypocritical.

                Gentleman it hit deep when you said this, "Emotionally from what was done without our consent and made to think and feel "this is just what is done for your own good" and how you tied that to brainwashing. That was a long, deep thought for me.

                Ron Low saw you in the Netflix documentary about circumcision a week before I ordered my tugger. I'm sure you hear it all the time, but thank you for these devices and helping us recover. It means a lot to all of us.


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                  I was also a member of MGTOW, just as you said, it is extreme to the point that its members become careless so often. I left the group 3 months after I had joined. Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck with your restoration journey.