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How long do you have to retain to see dekeratinization of the glans?

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  • How long do you have to retain to see dekeratinization of the glans?

    Generally speaking, how long do you have to retain over the skin over the glans to see dekeratinization? I have been doing it three days now, and so far nothing.

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    Maybe a month or two. Maybe longer than that. It really depends on the individual and also what "dekeratinization" involves also differs based on the individual. While some men have pronounced "skin peeling" episodes, in others it's far more subtle. I would recommend just restoring and letting the chips fall where they may on this.
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      Your age will also affect how long it takes the glans to dekeratinize.


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        I'm at CI-6/7 and I've been restoring for over 20 years. The skin on my glans never "peeled" nor has it become pink & shiny as the glans skin I've seen in photos of some uncircumcised men. So, I'm not sure my glans has ever dekeratinized.

        What has happened to me is that my glans has become lighter in color than my shaft (it use to be about the same color) and the skin on my glans has become softer AS LONG AS it is kept fully covered and moist either by wearing a tugger or PUD. The lighter skin color allows the glans to look reddish when engorged by the blood flowing into it during an erection and the skin becomes taught and more shiny then as well. However, when the erection is gone so is the reddish hue and the shine.

        The nature of my anatomy allows me to push the head of my penis inside the foreskin tube where it can be held in place w/the compression shorts (UnderArmour) that I always wear so that the glans is effectively covered most times even when I am not wearing a tugger or PUD.
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          I agree with both mjwise and Swingshiftworker: mj says "subtle" and suggests "chips fall(ing) where they may", and Swing says not like the intact ideal in some photos, but a noticed change. They both have said it pretty much they way I would've: you get what you get, both in anatomy and restoration. Cover, and see where you go. There isn't one model out there naturally, and there isn't one result, after so-called restoration.


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            I dunno if I've had any big changes visually speaking, other than getting shiny and color changes, but it has become a lot more sensitive to touch, even in calloused areas that I thought wouldn't get any feeling. I should point out that different people can have different glans textures too. I've seen an intact guy with little wrinkles and ridges or whatever on his glans and restored guy with a perfectly smooth pink head. So it's likely different depending on the the person.