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  • Hang to the left

    Hi all, so I am about a week into manual tugging and actually have seen some new folds and creases show up already. My question is for those that have fully restored; does your new foreskin sort itself out as it restores? I tend to hang to the left and there are more folds on that side as a result. Or do you manually adjust when tugging to focus on certain areas? Thank you.

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    I have achieved full flaccid coverage with a few millimetres of overhang. My cut was very uneven. As this was done in 1946 I guess it was a freehand job. Although I have grown a lot of skin over many years, I still have more on the right of my penis than on the left. It has self-corrected to some extent, but as I gained more skin it was no longer a problem, it just took longer for my glans to be evenly covered.


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      Everyone, please listen to WoodyHoody, he's been there and done it, so he speaks truthful words. Just growing enough skin takes care of ALL the problems the unrestored think they will see!


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        Mine's a lefty with uneven skin too. My thought is to just get the glans covered ASAP and then work on evening things out as the final touch at the end, if that's even an issue. Sounds like it won't be.


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          I’m doing PE via stretching exercises to get both corrected @ same time. Just ordered bathmate. I’m @ CI-2/3