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Do I have enough slack?

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  • Do I have enough slack?

    I've been tugging on and off for the past month now using the TLCX and I am not sure if I even have enough slack to use it. Has anyone had this issue? If I had to guess I would probably be a c-0 measurement. Has anyone with no slack/c-0 measurement successfully used the TLC product? I am able to get the product on with some tension but when I take it off I notice it is pulling the skin that is on my shaft. Should I keep using it this way? Has anyone had similar experiences while starting? I have attached a picture of how it looks when I take off the tugger so you can see what I am talking about.

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    I would say if you are able to get it on and stay on with out pain or discomfort, keep going. Once you get more slack built up than you can start to target inner or outer or adjust for equal pull on both.

    I look the same way after a days wear.


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      If you're able to use the device at all, you have enough skin. Can you push in tension rod much? You could always use a strap with the device like a regular TLC.