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interesting issue - device gets slippery

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  • interesting issue - device gets slippery

    So I'm coming up on 2 months time now. I have been finding things progressing nicely for the amount of time spent so far, but I am now running into an interesting issue. For a quick background I use a tlc-x with pusher and sometimes with a strap. I have been having intermittent issues where my inner skin has been sweating moisture or what ever it releases to the point that I'm getting sometimes a drip or 2 when removing to go urinate. This makes it impossible to keep the device on any more that day as it now just slides off or after a good clean I might go several hours with no issue and feel it just slide off because I've 'moistened' the silicone cone and again back to no longer able to keep it on. Being as I'm at work I can't just go 'wash off'. I'm happy my body is starting to do what it was designed to do so early on but you can't grow if you can't keep tension. I was wondering if anyone has run into this before and how you worked around it.

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    Never happened to me, but over the yeas a numb er of forum members mention this. When I was still restoring I always grabbed a swatch of toilet paper to wipe things with if needed (urine; I always use a stall, not a urninal); so "washing stuff away" isn't necessary, but wiping often is. Regarding loss of grip, wiping device contact surfaces is necessary as well, and should be enough if you only see several drops worth of stuff. This stuff is apparently secretion from the cowper's glands internally at the base of your penis. I don't know that for a fact, but this is what past members report: a thicker, lubricant" type stuff.


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      Thanks for the reply Reality . I don't think what I'm seeing is precum or cowpers gland emission though. The reason I say this is I release the outer cone first and allow the skin to relax keeping pressure on the pusher against my glans and the drip is visable on the back side of the pusher and the inner cone outside diameter is very slick.