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Has anyoe seen this? Living skinned back with autocircumcision rings

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  • Has anyoe seen this? Living skinned back with autocircumcision rings


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    I have now. . But at least you don't loose any of the nerve tissue.

    I read thru several of the "next" links and it makes it sound like having foreskin or a covered glans is the devils work. Or that every covered penis owner is going to end up getting some type of medical condition. Who does that remind you of?????


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      The folks running the three large African controlled trials of HIV transmission and circumcision should have included a non-surgery control group that just wore their skin skinned back using something like these autocircumcision rings (widely available back in 2005). But they were looking for reasons to circumcise, not ways to fight HIV.
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        While I agree that no skin tissue is actually lost, damage is being done. I wore my foreskin back behind the glans as a teen and well into my 20's and developed keratination of my glans skin. After tugging my foreskin for a few years and finally being able to wear the skin over the glans where it belongs I cannot recommend this device to any uncircumcised man!


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          That is a great idea that is lost in a sea of genital mutilation. I would be so grateful if that were done to me instead.


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            I've seen these before, there's actually a group of intact men that have several methods of keeping their foreskin pulled back. I think it's called pulledback.
            Anyway though, most of them do it because they want the glans to get bigger, they think that because of circumcision the glans enlarges and flares more at the coronal ridge. I don't really think that's true it probably comes down to genetics but they like the look of the exposed head so they stay pulled back, 99% of them would never get cut because they know the importance of foreskin and some of them take breaks to let the glans re sensitize. I looked at their community a while back and they are fairly nice and they are aware of foreskin restoration too. It's another take on male sexuality that's an interesting look.


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              No. But I did hear a radio dj say he wears his retracted because of his bulbous head.... Sounded very odd to me. Almost like he self treated phimosis