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  • Tugging overnight

    How do you all feel about tugging over night with taped canisters? I feel like I remember Ron saying somewhere, that he was tugging pretty much 24/7 when he started, and I also think he started with taped canisters if I'm correct. So he must have tugged overnight during this time too. I myself tugged overnight using taped canisters when I started a few months ago but stopped because I was spooked when I read some of you saying tugging overnight can be dangerous. I never had any injuries from the overnight tugging but I stopped just in case. However, I'm reconsidering this decision now... Has anyone else used taped canisters overnight with no ill effect?

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    Tugging overnight is not good for several reasons. First, night time while you are sleeping is when your body goes into maintenance mode. This is when a lot of mitosis happens. Second, noturnal erections with something glued to your pecker is a bad thing, especially a canister. Third, 24/7 tension is NOT needed and has been scientifically proven to actually be counter productive. Cyclical tension grows skin the fastest. Your skin needs rest to grow. Google "skin expansion cyclical tension" and a whole bunch of stuff comes up. Best to tug for 5 days 8to10 hours per day and take 2 days off for growth to happen. It's a slow process, you can't speed it up.


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      hey opto-mystic.
      so, i've gotten into the canister method recently. it's SO much more comfortable than other methods and is much more convenient for me, personally. i tried to use the canister method overnight. and frankly, i'm not sure whether or not it's worthwhile. I've had one or two nights where it was fine and there are no issues. On other nights, though, i will wake up at least three times with nocturnal erections that hurt. once i'd wake up, i'd have to think of something to decrease arousal, thus making it easier to sleep again. i'm not convinced that it's the best way while canistering. however, i am a firm believer in that using the canister is easiest (for urination, convenience, etc). although i haven't researched skin mitosis, i tend to agree with parsecskin. i think that giving your skin a rest at night might work best.


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        Thanks guys... I've decided not to do the overnight tugging with the canister again. I didn't have any bad experiences, but I did feel the pressure of the nocturnal erections and the morning wood as well. I didn't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary though. I assumed lots of guys did it. I don't want any unnecessary risk though. Thanks again gentlemen...


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          OP: I would not recommend tugging overnight with a taped on canister because of your lack of available skin and the fixed position of the canister.

          When you develop enough skin so that you can keep a tugger on while erect, you will have enough skin to tug "overnight." I do it frequently w/o any ill effects. I do not think it has been "scientifically proven" that tugging 24/7 is counterproductive. In fact, there has been very little "scientific" study regarding tugging (ie., foreskin restoration) generally.

          However, I do believe that you need to allow your body (ie., foreskin) some time to rest from time to time but how much "rest" it needs varies with the person's skin type and tugging practices among other things. There is no single answer to this and you will have to determine by trial and error what works best for you.

          Good luck!