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  • Resoration Finally Beginning First Entry

    Hey guys, I posted a while back about 3 months ago asking questions with foreskin restoration. I haven't tugged since which is really disappointing, it has just gotten away from me. But I am now starting or have started since Sunday. I am doing Manual Method 2, just above my very so rised hairline on my shaft and above the scar below the head. I hold for 2 minutes, medium-light tension and I repeat 10 times. I am now seeing pretty nice improvement in masturbation already, but when soft, I look like a CI-1.5. But this is going to be fixed now as I am going to do now 30 minutes every day and more if possible and post an update every two weeks just so I can keep self-assessing. Anyways, just doing this because uncut is just natural and my penis is honestly ugly with this battered up looking head, completely destroyed frenulem, and huge dark circ scar(I have a tan skin tone). Anyways happy holidays! -Pablo

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    Good for you man! You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until you really get some loose skin. As you restore your scar will dissipate and fade. By the time you're done you will not even be able to see it. Get a device as soon as you have enough skin to use one. Worth every penny. Keep at it!