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  • Grower vs. Shower

    Just found out restoration was a possibility thanks to groups like this. I had done some playing with retaining without realizing there was a name for it. Have had some small progress with just using glans ring. Now I am hooked and want to jump in with both feet. Just wanted some opinions/advice on hurdles one might face being a grower vs. shower.
    Being a grower myself i feel like i have an advantage of more skin to work with when flaccid, but wonder if this will make using dual tension any more difficult. Looking a acquiring a TLC-X in the near future.
    Thanks in advance for everyone's help

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    Hey Wolfy, I am a grower myself and have been restoring for 3 to 4 years. I have stated in other post that I do believe it is easier to get started as a shower given you have more slack skin. Regarding the dual tension divice... They do work weather you are a shower or a grower. I have made a few but prefer single tension or weighted device. Hope this helps. KOT


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      Also a grower here. For me, I think it's a double edge blade. I'm getting some nice gains and am currently between 1/4 to 1/2 flacid coverage with fairly consistent rollover but the slightest bit of excitement and it all disappears. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome to be able to see the progression of my glans becoming covered. Lets me know something is actually happening.


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        The great thing about so-called restoration is that anyone with a penis can do it. Whether or not you are a grower or a show-er makes no difference in your day to day practice. Just finding the endurance to continue on over the years without adding fears and potential concerns is key. Growing enough new skin takes care of ALL PROBLEMS; all of them. It is all about enough new skin. Grow that, and you will be amazed at what happens.


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          Order adventure begins!


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            Good luck on your journey!
            There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

            Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x