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  • Just starting my journey

    A couple years back, I looked into the the topic of foreskin restoration as I had just discovered the facts around the issue. I was circumcised at birth, as most people are and never really gave it any thought. Then one day while watching porn I thought hey, some guys dicks look much different. I looked into that and found out about circumcision and how some people are and others aren't. After looking into what circumcision does, I found myself a bit depressed at what had been taken from me. I wish I had been given the choice to choose for myself.

    But I never really tried out restoring back then, as it is a trial and error kind of process, something I tend to struggle with (I usually do well with specific instructions and advice, but restoring seems to involve looking at your specific case and seeing which methods work best. I looked the Coverage index and believe I am a C-1, with a good amount of my shaft being taken over by scrotum skin. What I am doing now is trying out manual method number 2 while flaccid, holding the skin in place for a minute or two every hour or so( above the scar line). but I have one concern already, and that is a persistent numbness(not pain) right where the frenulum would be. no other part of my shaft feels different after doing this. any advice from those who started around where I did?

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    I'm not sure about your specific case, Restoremychoice, and I hear you when you say that each man is on his own voyage. What works for some may not work for others and we're all made differently. I was never circumcised and began my 'recovery' with about 1/2 glans coverage when my penis was flaccid. Since you are starting with what sounds like a tight circumcision I'm going to ask if you've ever heard of the jelqing technique. If not, Google it and try it out. You will have to adapt to your own penis, of course. Oh, the joys of uncircumcising! (This is actually the title of a very good book I read many years ago and if you can find a copy, get it.) Jelqing with foreskin restoration in mind is just a different way to manually tug. When I was tugging mechanically, I'd interspace that with manual tugging. Every shower or bath would be an excellent opportunity to tug the skin on my penis and there are many different approaches to this. I heard about the beneficial properties of vitamin-E oil and immediately purchased a bottle from the pharmacy. Capsules are less messy than a bottle of oil and there's less chance of spillage. It has a reputation for promoting skin cell regeneration, or so I've been told. While in the bath, after having soaked for 10 or 15 minutes to relax the skin, I'd apply a small amount of the oil to one hand (or break open a capsule). I'd grasp my flaccid or erect penis about halfway down with one hand and place the other hand just over that. I would slide the hand closest to my body back and the hand further along the shaft gets moved to the end of the penis until it is no longer in contact. Repeat until either you've ejaculated or until it becomes uncomfortable or overly sensitive.

    One thing I'm curious about. I don't think you should ever be feeling any numbness in your penis, If you feel any numbness or pain or any discomfort, discontinue the way you're tugging. The only time I ever had a numbness in my foreskin was when I was wearing o-rings at night to make sure the penis glans stayed covered. Please be careful when doing this. You do not want to strangle any part of your body! Prolonged numbness can lead to major problems that you do not want to have to deal with, believe me. Before wearing any device overnight, make sure that it can not get caught in bedclothes, sheets or anything else in your bed! You seriously do not want to wake up with your penis on the other side of the bed one morning!

    I'd love to hear about how you make out with your recovery. I think you have a very healthy perspective going forward. This is not for everybody. Anyone expecting instant gratification will be sorely disappointed. I went from about C-3 to C10+ in a 20+ year voyage. I'm in it for a good time and for a long time. I tried not to rush it or to apply too much pressure or wear weights which were too heavy. It's better to go slower and build up endurance. Tug one day, rest one day. Vary your techniques until you find exactly what works for you. You, having been circumcised will experience the thrill of your first roll-over. You'll know when it happens. It'll be a milestone and there will be many.

    There are tons of men (and some women) who will help you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to continue sharing your voyage with us. Pick our brains. That's why we're here. Take care, be safe during this damned COVID-19 pandemic and above all, KOT!


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      I just read your question thread. I too was circumcised at birth and actually have a frenulum remnant. I know some circumcised men don’t even have that because the area is completely void of any additional skin tissue. I can only relate my own experience with a frenulum remnant. When applying my TLC-X with pusher plate (for tugging inner skin), I started feeling a bit of extra discomfort specifically in my frenulum because it seems that I was using too much tension. Though I never felt any ‘numbness’ to speak of, I decided to pause all restoration efforts for approximately ten days until my frenulum healed and was no longer exhibiting soreness. When I resumed restoration, I decided to use much less tension on the push plate and that seemed to be the right solution. I’ve since been able to gently increase the tension (probably right back to the degree of tension I was using originally). Upon reflection, I surmised that my frenulum area has simply acclimated to being placed under constant tension and this has resulted in my being able to continue my restoration journey. Now if you had experienced ’numbness’, which indicates a complete loss of feeling, I couldn’t speak about that. But I would certainly err on the side of using gentle tension, at least until there is no occurrence of any sort of numbing in that area.