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Duration of tugging = growth or damage?

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  • Duration of tugging = growth or damage?

    Gday guys, I recently read a post in another restoration group I am a part of about a possible correlation between ED and prolonged DTR use. So I am curious to know how many of you believe that wearing the DTR for 12hrs+ results in damage to the penis rather than obtaining quicker results?

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    ????? I suppose it's possible if one was to use extreme weight/tension causing internal damage/tearing or leave their penis compressed 24/7 for weeks at a time there would be the possibility of damage from lack of 'fresh blood flow'. That is the reason for nocturnal erections, even if one does nothing during the day to elicit an erection the body will do it at night to supply a fresh oxygenated supply to the area. Most common causes of ed are either mental/psychological/medicines or damage to arteries/veins/nerves that feed the gentiles ie physical damage. I'm sure there is more causes of ed but those are the most common and I suspect that normal use of the DTR is not going to cause it.


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      s0mebody thanks for your reply mate, the damage to veins are my concern as the DTR pushes the penis down whilst stretching the skin up. So the concern comes from that factor.


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        I understand where you are coming from now. I still don't think it will affect like was mentioned in the other post.

        My references were actually from medical documentation of acute damage to the perineal area or upper pelvic damage, ie falling onto something between your legs and damaging the supply artery feeding the penis or nerve cluster between the scrotum and anus or blunt trama below the pubic bone above the penis.

        going back to my other post I do belive that unless you use extreme tension or weight causing internal penile trearing of the structure and baring an unfortunate accident while using a restoration device or staying bound small for really long amounts of time (more than just 12 hrs/day) there is very little possibility of causing a condition that could cause ed to occur as the blood supply is internal to the penis and the veins that return the blood back to the body do move around to allow flow out. As long as you still get morning wood and can get it up as needed things are functioning correctly.


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          Rule #1 is never tolerate pain.

          The pain I'm talking about can only be assessed after several hours of wear. That's why I promote the 4-Hour Rule: It says start at zero added tension. It gives you license to increase tension by a small precise increment only after a couple successful 4-hour stints with no unwanted effects.

          Using a device like the DTR or TLC-X in strapless / weightless mode means the amount of tension in the outer-facing skin is not something we have precise experimental control over.
          -Ron Low
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          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            Thanks guys I really appreciyour input. I haven't experienced any ED issues it was just a concern after reading the post. Cheers for your input 👍


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              BrisGuy, my primary device nowadays is the CAT II Q, which also pushes the glans down while holding the base and midforeskin taut. I sometimes wear it for 12 hours, and have been using it for approaching five months (I used the TLC Tugger exclusively for eight months before then, to great effect). I have had no ED issues whatsoever. I use the CAT at the highest tension possible, sometimes for as long as 12 hours. If my penis gets a bit sore, I stop using the device for the day. That was the case today, and I only used the CAT for six hours. But, now two hours after taking the device off, the soreness is gone. So, I expect tomorrow will, once again, be full eight-to-10-to-12 hour CAT day.


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                SoCal husband thank you mate, I really appreciate your input. Everyones responses have pretty much answered and echoed my thoughts. I felt that the ED issues that the person wrote about had nothing to do with the DTR and everything to do with his own physiological and/or psychological concerns. Cheers fellas 👍


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                  I agree brisguy, there are a lot of things (medication, psychological ect) that are possible causes for ed. Would be easier to blame it on the new device you started wearing on your penis than to realize relationship issues or general health or mental health was something that needs to be addressed. My experience has lead me to believe the dtr helps increase blood flow and helps my erection quality, but I am no doctor.