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Damage & scars from restoration?

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    Originally posted by spoofy View Post

    Thanks for sharing mate, if you use DTR this kind of damage can be caused by the pusher plate, a great tip I got was to use round cosmetic pads (a 5$ pack would last you a lifetime), those go between the penis head and the pusher plate and solve these issues.
    I use the TLC-X, but thanks!
    Check out my restoration progress gallery here!


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      Originally posted by admin View Post
      It would be helpful to see a before picture and an after picture that were either both stretched out or both relaxed.

      What you're calling new scaring is definitely identifiable as bridging (artifact of circumcision) in the old picture.
      Took some digging, but these pictures might be clearer.

      I believe in the sharing of information, and posted these in the hope to contribute to the common knowledge pool, so others can learn from my mistakes and get better results.

      Based on the link s0mebody posted, my guess is it's the product of high tension method. (I used to do 60min, then break and 50min)
      Another thing is notice in 2017 the scar was already forming, I didn't pay attention to it as I had no knowledge this could even happen, but if I did I could prevented it from escalating.
      And lastly, maybe should have also used moisturizer/cream after sessions.

      Click image for larger version

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        Maybe "scars very thick" is really "non-scar area becoming more shear?" Hard to say with the changing lighting and focus.
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          Ok, sorry to hear you can't clearly see the obvious scars from the photos, nor take my word for it.
          Luckily everyone else does, and plenty of good advice here already.
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            Originally posted by Bradillac View Post
            Looked this product up and purchased palmer's cocoa butter formula massage lotion for stretch Mark's on amazon. Highly reviewed, much less cost
            the product is good even for other kind of scars


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              I’m beginning to notice something similar. It started off looking like a white bump where my skin bunches up near the glans. Now I can see a definite line/bump extending from my scar line to the glans. For those that have had a similar issue, did it go away after taking an extended break and/or moisturizing?