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Surgery as last resort

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  • Surgery as last resort

    I’m aware that Dr. Whitehead may perform the restoration surgery in Florida. I think Dr. Harold Reed the guy who first did it may not see new patients.

    Not sure if Whitehead even does it. I sent the facility an inquiry and they will get back to me so I will report back.

    You can google “foreskin restoration surgery dr reed” and and see what the results look like.

    Apparently the frenulum can be restored aswell. The surgery cost over 7,600 not including other fees so it’s kind of pricey.

    Although that price is similar to maybe 20cc of dermal filler in the US.

    Again I’m not even sure if the surgery can be done since Dr. Reed seems to be semi retired so I have to see what they say.

    I have a medical issue where I can’t tug or adleast can’t tug enough to see any real gain.

    But it may be nice if things go smooth with a restored frenulum. Then I can maybe do some very gentle tugging post surgery with the tlc or dtr, etc.

    I’m not sure the outcome is worth the money and the evasive surgery. But on the other hand what if the results are really good and you get nice roll over even the dream of erect coverage then 7,600 looks like a good deal.
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    Oh no, that sux. I was under the impression from prior posts that you were going along fine for the most part.


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      NO SURGERY!! All surgery creates MORE scar tissue, and this would create a lot. You would also have some serious numbness from such a procedure, some of which may or may not go away. NOT WORTH IT!


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        Originally posted by s0mebody View Post
        Oh no, that sux. I was under the impression from prior posts that you were going along fine for the most part.
        Thanks, it’s ok for the most part I can still do ball weights and stuff like that.

        As for the scar tissue and numbness those are all good questions. I want to see if there is a doctor who even does this procedure and how much it is now.


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          I wouldn't recommend more surgery.. As other members have said, It may create more scar tissue which will numb your penis more than it is already. Just tug, and you'll be fine.


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            When surgery is involved, we call it reconstruction, not restoration.
            -Ron Low
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              They don’t even perform the surgery anymore anyway. I guess 1 doctor did it and it died out when he retired. It didn’t look worth the money anyway the results looked like a couple years of tugging at best.