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    Hello guys, today when I put on my TLC X after taking 2 days off I was pleasantly surprised that when I extended the pusher it went all the way to the top of the wire handle with NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever. I am using the 6mm spacer with the short rod. It's time to graduate to the longer rod! This is obvious evidence of progress and some growth over the 2 days I took off because before the break I could only extend the rod to about 1/4" of the top of the handle. This just proves that even though you can't see progress, that doesn't mean it's not happening. This isn't the first time I've noticed this phenomenon after a break. BREAKS WORK! Take one once a week and KOT!

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    Good for you parsecskin! I always get very excited when I see measurable progress!
    As for time off. I usually don't tug on the weekends. I have also taken a week here and there off as well.


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      Absolutely! Time off IS critical to let your skin recover and GROW. It doesn't really take a lot of tugging time to stimulate a given number of skin cells to divide. Generally half hour to 45 minute sessions are all that's needed. Removing and applying your device several times a day changes things up because no 2 applications are exactly the same and target slightly different areas every time.


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        Yes, I also appreciate that some day off once in a while is good for my skin growth. Apart from that, when I've been tugging for a few hours (on every trip to the toilet), I take the device off, let my skin rest for a while and then reapply it. It works great for me and allows me to tug for a few hours more, until my skin feels it has been enough for the day. Then I put on my retainer until next day.
        From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.