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Inner skin and corona getting painfully sensitive

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  • Inner skin and corona getting painfully sensitive

    Hello everyone, I'm C., 26 and have been restoring for almost 7 months now, using the DTR about 6 to 8 hours per day on a fairly strict routine of 5 days a week. I started out at a solid CI3 and am starting to feel closer and closer to CI4. Lately I have been noticing a slightly bigger overhang of skin pushing on the corona and it often rolls over and is able to stay in place, depending on whether I'm standing or sitting, wearing underwear or not; one time I even worked out and went to shower to notice a little surprise, that is that my skin had stayed quite firmly gripped around my glans, looking like a full CI4, or even a CI5. I know and feel these are temporary happenings, but I can say I'm quite happy with the results so far. The matter here is that in the last days I've been noticing an area in the middle of the dorsal area of my corona, and the inner skin right below it, which has gotten quite sensitive, to the point it gets painful if me (or my partner) touch it too roughly or even if my underwear rubs on it. I would say it looks like a kind of a "skin bridge", not very noticeable actually. I have experienced no redness or swelling, so far at least. I haven't inspected it very thoroughly, but to my eyes nothing looks different. I have been thinking it might be because my corona is now almost always covered, it's starting to get sensitive? But to the point of being painful? Also, why only in that point. I'm sensing a possible injury, but again, nothing looks bad lookswise. Restoring is getting a bit messy lately because of this and because heat makes my dick more slippery because of sweat (sorry I know it's gross but we all know the feeling lol) I usually moisturize after restoring with a mix of coconut and vitamin E oil.

    I've been thinking about stopping for a while and seeing if that heals. I just really really hate the idea of "losing" days that I could use to restore, and lengthening the time of all this, which also psychologically is starting to get kinda heavy. Like I'd really rather keep doing this and just get it over with asap. By "it" I mean the whole "wear-a-device-every-day-for-several-hours" thing, which I feel is limiting and annoying. Lol, sorry for the rant.

    Ok, just looking for suggestions on what that can be, I guess, and on what to do about it. Also, I'm not a native english speaker, so you'll excuse anything weird in what I wrote.

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    Do you use bands to set the tension or do you push in manually.

    If using bands find a pair with less tension to keep from pushing quite so hard. If you manually set the rod, push in about 1/8" shorter than you normally do.

    you could also reduce to 4 hours for a while to see if it makes any change to the discomfort you are experiencing


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      Thank you for the suggestions. I use screws to adjust the tension. I'm going to do like you say, I'm just afraid lowering the tension will not really have an effect. Like, sometimes I notice the tension is lower than normal and I'm like "I feel this thing is not doing much" so I will adjust it to a higher tension. I don't know if it makes sense. Like let's say using lower tension makes me feel like I'm not really doing anything you know?


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        I noticed this myself when I was masturbating the other day! I think it's normal, (mine hurts too sometimes when it rubs against my underwear (this is why tight briefs are helpful!! ) your penis is probably like mine and was keratinized and dried out for so long you were probably used to doing death-grip or rubbing it so vigorously you got burns, just so you could feel something. lol Less tension, I have found doesn't make much of a difference. If it hurts, stop. Nice job on getting coverage though! I wish i had that, 2 years of tugging and i still haven't gotten coverage like that. (I think my frenulum and surrounding muscles (dartos fascia) were cut off when i was circumcised as a baby, so no keeping myself covered when flaccid, unfortunately! ) now I HAVE to use lube, or i get friction burning. I would recommend less time spent tugging, to see if that helps.


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          I get it, if I don't feel it, it's not working. I can tell you though, hardly ever do I feel it ' pushing' when using my tix but it is working. I have started using a weight and that I notice because it is actually pulling the penis structure along with the skin so i feel it pulling closer to the body when I walk.


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            Thank you guys for the answers. I'll try to follow the suggestion of tugging less hours, or at a lesser tension, and see how it works out.


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              I have found more time tugging is more beneficial than more tension


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                You may be interested in seeing my previous post that touches upon this subject in a previous topic entitled "de-keratinization?"


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                  Thank you guys for your answers, I took two days off (that I would have taken anyway as per my usual schedule) and the problem seems to have gone. I'll try to not exaggerate with tension in the future and see how that works out.


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                    Originally posted by Cldpss94 View Post
                    Thank you guys for your answers, I took two days off (that I would have taken anyway as per my usual schedule) and the problem seems to have gone. I'll try to not exaggerate with tension in the future and see how that works out.
                    Oh good!!