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Avoid 3d printed knock offs as much as possible

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  • Avoid 3d printed knock offs as much as possible

    Hi, I got one of those 3d printed cheap devices off AliExpress about 2 months ago. My objective was to see if tension would actually help me grow skin a bit faster (have been using tape and manual stretch) and if it did I would buy a quality device like the tlc-x.

    ​​​It actually worked surprisingly well! I intentionally put off sex until the first month or so of using the device to compare the results since normally I wouldn't be able to have sex more than once or twice because the skin of my Johnson would get really nasty cuts. The day of the 'test' me and my girlfriend tried positions that would really stretch the kak. Well, no cuts or pain were felt that day and I definitely see some new skin in there.

    Now the cons: the device looks awful, it even comes with some sand paper to "make it more smoother" (as written on a note in the package) because they(AliExpress seller) don't even take the time to remove the plastic irregularities and no matter how much you polish it, it will be rough. I use it at night but can't have it on more than 3-4 hours without hurting quite a lot. I've seen some skin tears here and there and since then I'm applying olive oil before putting on the device which has helped a bit but the material, and everything about this device screams skin/health problems in the long run so I'd definitely recommend saving a bit more and buying the good stuff.
    Yesterday I purchased my tlc-x and can't wait for it to arrive to say goodbye to this cheap chinese knock off.

    Click image for larger version

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    You're gonna love the switch... Definitely a good choice!


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      Sanded surface on a tugger? That sounds more like a torture device than a restoration device...


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        I just ordered some silicone stuff I was hoping to try as a retainer on Ali Express... I have a feeling I'll just be tossing it out ugh.
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          Originally posted by gdom View Post
          I just ordered some silicone stuff I was hoping to try as a retainer on Ali Express... I have a feeling I'll just be tossing it out ugh.
          Silicone is the same material used in making the TLC devices. It should be fine, as long as it's shaped right.

          The photo that gotcutat30 posted shows a hard plastic device with a high amount of banding. I can't imagine how much sandpaper one would need to smooth it out, and even then, the unfinished material might not exactly be safe for skin contact.


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            Click image for larger version

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            Yeah, it's probably the crappiest quality plastic. When I saw it I thought: "you get what you pay for". As can be seen, even the retainer is 3d printed. After sanding the surface it became a bit softer but there's a place where there are still some indentations which just don't go away and can become dirty.

            The package said something like "safe for skin use" but as we all know now, china has different standards for pretty much everything...

            I have stopped using this crap and started wearing o rings until the TLC arrives.


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              I couldn’t agree’s tempting to go overseas, but there’s a reason American made goods are so highly regarded. One might pay a little more (okay, sometimes a whole lot more), but the shear quality that comes with such a purchase makes everything else moot.