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How tug Inner and/or outer sking

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  • How tug Inner and/or outer sking

    I am using the TLC-X with TLC Select, wich is supposed to tug both, but what if i want to tug just inner or just outer?.

    What should i use?. What methods?

    Thanks in advance

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    Although some may disagree, I do NOT believe that there is any way to promote foreskin growth differentially -- inner vs outer -- to any significant degree.

    This is based on the design of the tugger and other stretching devices, like the DTR and even the PUD. When you attach the available skin between the inner and outer cones of the tugger, it applies tension uniformly against the skin (both inner and outer) captured between them. Proof of this is that fact that the position of the circ scar stays relatively static regardless of how long you've been tugging.

    I've been tugging (off and on, more on recently) for over 20 years and the position of my circ scar has never changed in all that time from a CI-1 to now a CI- 6/7. It's right at the tip of my regenerated foreskin. Sometimes it's visible and sometimes not.

    The only way you "might" be able to promote more outer than inner skin growth (so as to better hide the circ scar) would be -- provided you have sufficient skin to do so -- to roll the tip of your foreskin under before attaching it w/a tugger, so that more of the outer skin is in contact w/the inner cone.

    If successful, the position of the circ scar should move further inside the regenerated foreskin which then "by definition" becomes inner foreskin but you have still not grown more inner vs outer skin, you have just changed the point at which growth of both is promoted.


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      I would have thought manual tugging might give a greater degree of control of where the tension happens. No?


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        Originally posted by Kohuk View Post
        I would have thought manual tugging might give a greater degree of control of where the tension happens. No?
        Manual tugging can obviously allow you greater control of where you pull on the skin but I am not personally convinced that you can promote much growth by this method because it is so limited in time/duration compared w/other methods.

        FWIW, I sometimes devote time to manual tugging but I do not think it has contributed to any actual "growth" in may case but, then again, my skin is very thick and elastic and it difficult enough to promote growth while tugging almost 24/7 for 5 days a week.

        So, I can't imagine the 15 mins of manual tugging that I do every other day or so would contribute much (even if I did it daily). It would probably make more of a difference to men will thinner and less elastic skin that I (and others) have. Only way to know if it works for you is to try it.

        Good luck!


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          Ok, so if I have more inner foreskin than outer and I want to reduce penoscrcotal webbing, would wearing the dtr daily help me out at all? Or am I better of switching to a strapped tugging device like the tlc tigger to just target outer skin? I have a lot of inner skin, I just don't want to make the problem worse.