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  • input about appearance of uneven skin

    My inner/outer skin ratio has had this uneven appearance for as long as I can remember, and doesn't seem to be changing. A bit annoying! There has been more bunching/wrinkles lately, but you can probably see that the underside has much more inner skin than the upper half. And when I experience the occasional partial coverage, the inner skin sticks out like a lip on the underside, rather than being tucked inside.

    I've tried manual methods on and off in the past, but mostly gave up in favor of purely using inflation. Does inflation affect the evening out process one way or the other?
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    Mine is a bit like that. I think it's a result of having a slight upward curve, which is much more apparent when I have an erection. I understand what you mean about the "lip" sticking out at the bottom. It'll go away as you grow more shaft skin to cover it up.


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      It appears that you have a special "frenular turkeyneck-type circumcision" (my own coinage).

      Some doctors who perform circumcisions feel guilty, or at least equivocal, about doing so. They know that they are permanently diminishing the sensitivity of the baby boy's penis. So they try to partially remedy the situation by preserving most of the frenulum. This results in a lopsided circumcision. In the flaccid state, the preserved frenulum hangs down from the ventral side of the penis like a turkey neck.

      One man with such a cut showed up at a NORM Michigan meeting ~2004. He said the doctor told his father that he was giving his son a "fancy circumcision that preserves the sensitivity." This man had invented his own modification of the T-tape method to tug preferentially on the dorsal side to lengthen it. I didn't get a good look at it.

      I've monitored the various foreskin restoration forums since the year 2000. In past years, others have described having a cut like yours. For a time, there was a instructional set showing a modification of the T-tape method, which was called a "G-tape." The G-tape method was designed to put more tug on the dorsal side. I saw the instructional set, but I was not that impressed by it. It looked to me like it would easily fall off under the stresses of tugging. I don't think the G-taping method is still up on the web, but a thorough web search, including searching the Internet Archive might produce a result for you.

      Other restoring men with more minor uneven cuts (especially left or right unevenness) have often said, if they just tug, the unevenness just evens itself out without them taking specific actions to make it do so. I don't think this is going to work for you, because of the severity of the unevenness. I think you have to find a way to preferentially expand your dorsal foreskin remnant. Thus, I have doubts that just inflation will do the trick for you.

      Manual tugging and taping methods are best at focusing the tug on specific areas.

      When I first started tugging, I was a pretty even CI-2.5. However, my dorsal side was a bit shorter than the ventral side. To put more tug on the dorsal side, I was able to apply a T-tape using the POE in the conventional way. When I accordion-folded the T-tape, I would simply pull the fold of tape the served the dorsal side forward about 1 millimeter before I clamped down on it with the suspender clip. This put a slightly stiffer tug on the dorsal side, which evened things up for me.

      World As Monkey Island
      I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
      I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

      Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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        You should give MM3 on the scar line a try. You have ample inner skin obviously, and you seem to have a good amount of subcutaneous tissue already developed but you are still short of the outer skin. Try to aim to reposition the scar line to the tip of the penis.


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          Thanks for the input all And I've long had my suspicions that a lot of my frenulum tissue was left ... oh well can't complainabout that! I've never found the frenulum area to be sensitive though like many guys claim... Should I expect that to change with increased coverage?

          I also was beginning to question my exclusive reliance on inflation. Glad I finally asked and got input. I'm returning to some manual combined with RSM.

          Attached some pics of what I came up with. I sculpted a ring with a flange on one half to focus tension on the dorsal side. It makes my member look really funky, but... does this look effective? ?Still figuring out how to secure it in place without tape, but I can get the skin pulled taut enough that it turns whitish (like knuckles).
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            Beforeskinproject, yeah...that does make your member appear funky. In fact, I can’t exactly tell how your skin fits around the ‘molded piece’. I get that your aim is to stretch the shaft skin, but I wonder whether such a device might be stretching it in an undesired direction, meaning outward away from your shaft as opposed to being stretched or pulled forward toward the tip of your shaft. How will it affect the natural ‘pucker’ appearance that most restorers seek. I feel this is the same type of situation that may occur with those who use air inflation methods. I’m no where near the state that some of the more senior restorers are in their journey and I don’t have very much experience in restoration, but I wonder what effect that type of stretching will have on the final result. Just my two cents.


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              I always tug straight out with as little stretch to the circumference/diameter of the hood opening. I want as much of a tight pucker as possible. I hear reverse rollover as u are doing does do a good stretch but it is really widening your hood edge doing this technique.


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                tuguser CI5

                Gosh I hadn't even realized there was more interest in this topic!

                But here I am some months later, and can report that I have noticed more wrinkles and bunching around the dorsal corona ridge...but still very reluctant rollover. Only if I wear snug trunks/boxer briefs can I get some reliable rollover coverage that stays put. On those occasions, it's an awesome sight to pull it out and to not see the ridge (covered in rollover)!

                I have NOT noticed any circumference loosening in the skin tube like you mentioned (aside from puffiness after removing tension). When it's cold and I'm not applying anything to my penis, I often get a pretty snug rollover and pucker clamped over my glans.

                But I'm getting so IMPATIENT having been at this for years with variety of techniques and am still just barely getting visible progress!

                I'm thinking about fitting some inflation back into the routine...but What else could I possibly do? I've been doing the reverse tension pretty consistently an average of 5-6 hours 4-5 days a week for the past couple months. A downside to this method is I develop something like edema around one of my veins on the right side of my penis... not sure how to avoid this. It goes away after several minutes after removing the reverse skin setup.


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                  I don't know man, if you've been at it for years with minimal progress, it might be time to change up your routine. I do exclusively manual and have been delighted by my progress so far. What's your take on manual tugging?


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                    Currently I'm deciding to try a combination of reverse tension, inflation, and manual squeeze stretch. I have nothing against manual tugging, but it's just doubtful that I could put in the needed time if I relied on it exclusively.