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Uncut Length of the inner Foreskin and growth

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  • Uncut Length of the inner Foreskin and growth

    Hi, I recently noticed in pictures/Videos of uncut men without frenulum (these men can pull back their entire foreskin) that the inner foreskin is as long as the penis itself for example in these videos:

    I've been restoring for a couple of years now with only 2.5 cm of stretched inner foreskin left on every side. I've tried growing more inner foreskin with the TLC-X and the DTR air method and manual methods occasionally. I ususally wear the devices for 5-6 hours a day, with a break 2 day in the week. I've been stuck at CI-4 for almost 2 years, my inner foreskin has only grown about 2mm in 2 years. When I see the actual size of the inner foreskin in the videos above I don't know how I'm going to ever get to even close to that amount to cover my glans as naturally as possible. I have spontaneous rollovers while sitting but the inner foreskin on the underside does not even touch the glans, the shaft skin kind of rolls over it.

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    I too started with little inner skin, about 1/4 inch. I used methods that applied tension to inner skin more so than outer, and used my scar as my point of applying tension, so that inner skin would be tensioned effectively. This has worked well, I now have an inch or so of inner skin. You can grow inner skin.



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      Which methods did you use? how long do you tug? how do you measure inner foreskin progress, I suppose while fully stretching it?


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        Does a restored forskin ever move over the shaft like it does in the videos? These videos really hurt to watch!


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          Originally posted by bugmenot View Post
          Which methods did you use? how long do you tug? how do you measure inner foreskin progress, I suppose while fully stretching it?
          I used t-tape strips and an insert for the first half or so of my restoration, here is a link to how I did it:

          Then I switched to inflation and have used that since.

          I started out trying to tug 24/7/365. I had some periods of good progress, but also periods of no progress. I finally figured out that the amount of tension was key, and stooped having no growth periods. In sorting that out, I also experimented with time under tension, so tried 3-6 hours, 4 days a week with great success. When I switched to inflation, I also reduced my time under tension to 15 minutes or so, twice a day, 5 days a week. I had even better progress.

          I measure by doing many observations of my coverage each day, over the course of a week or several weeks. I do not tension it, as what I ultimately care about is coverage under normal conditions.



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            Originally posted by Smertrios View Post
            Does a restored forskin ever move over the shaft like it does in the videos? These videos really hurt to watch!
            ​I am not sure which videos you are referring to, but I can report that my restored foreskin slides easily and sensually up and down my shaft.



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              I am not sure but I tested that the stretched length is about 2.25x longer than the untensioned skin. I figured I needed well over 70 mm ~3 inches to be able to cover my glans. If I force the outer skin to mock having coverage I can only get about 50% soft coverage before the outer skin has to roll inside (last I measured about 40mm.
              I think sometime I made the goal to get 100mm of inner skin and then continue growing the outer to match it.
              It is truly insane the ammount of skin that is often amputated I think that the average of 3x5 is often underrated especially for all of the people who complain about tight erections.
              I like to imagine that I would have a fair ammount of coverage (no way of knowing as any male closely related has been subjected to the blade).
              I think I figured somewhere that I would need to grow about 300mm (totaling 400+mm) of skin to approach full erect coverage. What is that? 12 inches? Hopefully that is an exaggeration but still...

              As far as growth rate I measured over 2mm of growth and in some places as much as 5mm of increase per month for the few months I measured. I was doing only manual at the time.


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                When you actually think about it, the amount of skin we need to grow is mind boggling. Most guys need to grow more outer than inner. In the beginning don't even worry about inner vs outer, just grow skin. There is plenty of time to make adjustments down the road. Guys that need some inner skin but not a lot can grow inner towards the 22nd half of their restoration after they've cleared the hump to CI4 and beyond.


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                  Believe it or not, inner and outer foreskin growth at an equal rate.

                  That's how the tugger and other stretching devices are designed to work; equal tension on inner and outer skin held between the inner and outer cones of the tugger stimulates growth equally. Proof of that, in my case, is that the location of my circ scar has stayed constant at the tip of my foreskin.

                  I've been tugging and using a PUD for over 20 years. I'm a grower and have VERY thick and elastic skin. I can extend my finger about 2.25" inside my restored foreskin and diameter of my foreskin at the crown of the glans is about 1.5".

                  The circumference of my glans is 2(Pi) x (1.5") squared or 4.712" and the total surface area of the skin that I've regrown is 4.712 x 2.25 = 10.602 sq inches and I'm at CI-6/7 and have still not achieved full coverage 24/7.

                  My guess is that I'd need to grow at least another 1' of length which would result in a total surface are of 4.712 x 3.25 = 15.314 square inches -- 50% more than where I am now, which is about the same size as a 3x5 index card. That's A LOT of skin indeed!!!

                  Just hope it doesn't take another 20 yrs to achieve it. LOL!!!
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                    Like many of us I started with little inner skin and have used my scar line as a guide to keep track of growth.


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                      Yes it just goes to prove how much is cut off, 50% is at the low limit, say most growers get done as an infant at 60% EASY, some even more.

                      To grow 60% chop off - back that is 2-1/2 times = 250%.
                      Reality is for a 60% infant chop one needs to grow it out 250-300% . (As we are missing the frenar band to keep things in place).
                      Remember most infant devices leave only 10mm - 3/8" on an infants penis of inner skin, granted pending the operator some keep nearly all and the other have next to nothing.
                      So I'm guessing here is 50% missing on the average "cut" off the superb inner skin - missing how ever what is left grows due to lack of skin so by adult hood it may be 3cm ~1.18"with scar it should be 65-70mm min stretched I'm guessing.

                      Agree the Inner needs to be ~ 70mm, intact guys if they stretch hard can nearly - but not quite get 1 gland head length of skin past the glands stretched MAX.
                      One should aim for 80-90% gland coverage length with inner skin in a relaxed state for it appear more natural.

                      That is a lot of skin to grow, but will all be well finished before stem cell science gets there - this 100% guaranteed.

                      So much for a small snip huh.
                      The Pariah cut is the most severe invented in the primitive middle east to be part of a clan* - and 'this' what was then adopted by Americans & forced on the rest of the western world!
                      Any more and the degree of difficulty goes up and severe lack of function beyond the usual partial crippling.

                      *What did the sub intellects do - Wander around inspecting each others privates ? makes a new take on are you a "member" and some idiots still perform this silly body modification to this day.
                      Goes to prove some in our society are not very bright, despite knowledge and information at ones finger tips these days..


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                        Thanks for your post OzVic. I learned a lot


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                          Update, studding intact inner skin lenghts further see frenum bereve procedure images they appear to show the best skinned back pics post operation.
                          Intact inner skin appears to vary 30mm to 40mm + plus rigged band of innerskin + 20mm Rigged Band. = 50 to 60mm on a natural intact unit, for us restorers missing the rigged band we will need more skin length- including the scar length,

                          As there is so much natural variation it appears the inner skin may stop short of the glands tip by up to 10mm, be equal with glands length or just over, were the ridged band portion of the skin takes over.

                          PS currently on my restoration with inner skin & scar length I have 48mm frenum side, 50mm Top side and 55mm longest at sides.
                          I believe I will need 65mm min. top side for it to work in summer time for me, thanks to no ridged band or purse string operation.
                          I find the growing of inner skin - widening the circ scar (blends better as it gets wider) the slowest growing skin in my case over the years as outer shaft skin was easier for me.
                          Hence Why I have resorted to RTM to target this particular area.


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                            Hi All,
                            Researched this recently again as I am chasing the natural average length look with my restoration - while trying to get the skin length maths correct :-)

                            NATURAL Adult actual AVERAGE* length of INNER SKIN..... it may shock you -

                            * Remember there is shorter and longer and this is perfectly normal:
                            Direct inner skin in contact with glans 1-1/2" (38mm) and more skin which stays on the inside - some classify as external? but is part of the ridged band but forms a Nozzle overhang when flacid just under 7/8" (23mm) = another 1-1/2" (38mm) stretched out.
                            = TOTAL SKIN WHICH STAYS ON THE INSIDE 3" based on 1-1/2" + 1-1/2" (76mm based on 38mm + 38mm)

                            Please view attached average Adult photos of all inside skin stretched out this is both the inner skin and the skin some call outer (Which is the ridged band etc.)
                            Photos off tumbler with protective Smegma unwashed.

                            Warning Photos below attached

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_oiqy92h0vi1w0zt94o2_1280.png Views:	2 Size:	668.3 KB ID:	15387

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_oiqy92h0vi1w0zt94o3_1280.png Views:	3 Size:	817.1 KB ID:	15388
                            So there you have it you need 3" or 76mm,
                            A short adult foreskin might be 2-23/64" 60mm top side to 1-37/64" 40mm Frenum side.
                            Hope this helps clear this up a lot more.

                            What is scary is how many veins are missing from circumcision never mind the nerves.

                            Therefore on an average 6" Penis the total skin length = ~10 31/64" or 266mm & from all the literature read that seems about right. Calculation as follows.
                            6" = 152mm +38mm external nozzle stretched out + 76 mm total skin which stays inside = 266mm
                            10 31/64"

                            Us restorers without ridged bands may need 280mm...... that would be 250% ie 2.5 times more skin from where I started out from with 55-60% removed with IRC
                            I think IRC is very cruel as it stretches the remains of the frenum until some strands break near the glands to release it and robs most people of proper blood flow to the frenum and inner skin sensitive areas - however this varies as surface skin blood flow veins vary tremendously from person to person.
                            Another reason circumcision should be banned not just for females but also for males unless you are an adult and even then you need it is a bad choice as long term the skin dries out, along with the reduced nerves will gradually dull the initial euphoria that a circumcision can provide.


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                              Thank you OzVic,

                              from the picture, most of the veins are in the ridged band area, so these are all gone... sickening... while the skin near the glans which is not cut looks slightly different