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    Hello everyone,
    I have been restoring on and off for a while now. I am now thinking of getting in to it full time along with the purchase of a tlc-x device. I have seen no noticeable results from attempts at tugging, (manual, homemade devices) I know it is essential to tug full time everyday to facilitate skin growth. All their any other ways to aid in new skin growth? Like diet, exercise, clothing etc... it is frustrating tugging and not seeing results.


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    Congratulation on your restoring.


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      I have had noticeable progress in the past few months by making sure that my general health is taken care of and that I try to keep a consistent tugging schedule. I also make sure that I track every minute of tugging I do throughout the day. I found that this made me more accountable to the actual amount of time per day that I am tugging. At the end of each day, I make sure that I use either coconut oil or lubriderm to help lower the chance of tears or chaffing from the device.

      The last bit of advice I would give you is to not necessarily use appearance to judge your progress during the early stages of restoring. I had an extremely tight circumcision before I started restoring and wasn't able to tell my actual progress. This was due to the amount of skin I was working with and the variability of the size of my penis throughout the day. I switched to FEC and only then was able to actual see the progress I was making.


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        Manual tugging is very slow (I base this on the progress I've seen from guys who use only that method, and nothing else), and it's possible that whatever home-made tugging device you've been using wasn't giving you enough tension to induce significant skin growth. Of course, I'm working with limited information, so that latter guess might be inaccurate.

        Either way, the TLC-X is a good starter device. It's what I began my restoration with.
        The only other help I can offer is to say that consistency is the key. Even when you tug every single day (or close to it) this is an agonizingly long journey, which is only made slower (and thus, more frustrating) by repeated stopping and starting.

        If you get the TLC-X, and put in 8-12 hours per day with will see results.

        Best of luck!


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          Originally posted by ems1 View Post
          I have seen no noticeable results from attempts at tugging, (manual, homemade devices) I know it is essential to tug full time everyday to facilitate skin growth.
          We ran controlled trial in 2010 where 25 volunteers averaged 11 hours per day wearing gentle tension. They improved the Forced Reach of the skin tube an average of 3mm per month (normalized to the average penis length). We could speculate that fewer hours tugging would mean fewer mm of improvement. The study failed to show us if the relationship tugging hours to skin gains is linear - that is, to say for example that an hour a day for 10 days adds the same amount of slack as 10 hours in 1 day. We don't know. But your hours spent tugging less than all day must have contributed something.
          -Ron Low
          [email protected]
          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            When I restarted nearly 4 years ago I had a good stretch (pun intended) with the TLC-X averaging also 3-4 mm/month. I only used the pusher and no straps for 8-12 hours a day. Switched to manual now to really focus on inner skin. It’s slow but working. I’ve got reliable flaccid overhang so I’m not in a rush any more I guess I average 1 to 2 hours of manual a day now, usually just in front of the TV...
            There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

            Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x