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Swelling of Inner Foreskin

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  • Swelling of Inner Foreskin

    A couple of days ago after I removed my device, several hours later I developed a swelling of my inner foreskin on the right side of my penis. It doesn't hurt at all and it has gone down some. I have seen pics of swelling from restoring, but this is the first time I have experienced anything like this. Any one else ever have this happen?

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    What kind of swelling is it?

    Although from a totally different source, guys who use pumps can get a buildup of fluid, particularly in inner foreskin. It's called the donut effect. That's from a buildup of fluid in the tissue. It's generally painless and will go away, or can be gently massaged out.

    It might not be unimaginable that the same thing could happen from restoration tension. Were you using more tension than normal? Anything different about the technique?

    I'm sure others will be of much greater assistance. I hope it decreases. Probably a little resting the skin is all that it needs, if no pain and is slowly going away.


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      Yeah, it looks a lot like the swelling you mention. I did recently add another spacer to my TLC-X and that probably put more tension than I'm used to. I used it like this for 2 days and noticed the swelling a few hours after removing the device on the second day. It has gone down some and it doesn't hurt. The bummer is I just got a new girlfriend and she's gonna want it soon, although we're not there yet. Hopefully it resolves itself soon because it IS coming.


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        Personally, I've had swelling like this (lymph fluid build up, probably), but not from foreskin restoration.

        I was able to reduce it by about 75% by doing tight'ish downward strokes only, while erect. Obviously use a moisturizer/oil of some kind, any lotion would work. I just kept doing downward motions for about 20mins and it was gone. I probably wouldn't put too much pressure, and if it hurts, obviously stop. Might be worth trying. I just did that once, one 15-20min session, and it pretty much went away.


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          Hey, thanks man. It worked. It went down a lot. While I was massaging after a hot compress I could feel a cord like structure just below my head wrapping about 2/3 of the way around my shaft and one shorter one longitudinally. These are lymph vessels. I must have one that's blocked. It took some doing, but I got it to go down. A couple of more massage sessions and 2 weeks off from restoring and sex (ugh) and I should be good to go.


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            I didn't want to guess what was going on earlier, but I suspected that too much tension on the skin might mess up some of the lymphatic structures, and cause swelling. You sound like you're good to go, some time off is definitely in order to make sure that nothing else happens!


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              Highly, highly unlikely that it was an effect from the "lymphatic structures" (whatever that might be). The penile lymphatic system lies under the tough Buck's fascia. Hard to get to, very hard to affect with simple tugging, and it would've been an ER-trip kinda event. Swollen superficial tissue is usually just the simple extravasation of fluid from superficial blood vessels, from too much tension; fluid gets forced out of the little blood vessels close to the surface, in other words. Very, very small and easily affected. They are thin and permeable. Common; not an ER trip.

              Applying heat causes those vessels to dilate and drain off the fluid accumulation into larger blood vessels, et voila, swelling does down. Simple; home remedy. Using less tension, and just waiting, will do exactly the same thing. If you are a diabetic, be careful in all of this.

              If the link below allows you to, go from here, back through the pages and it will give you information on all related questions about penile anatomy.

              Ok......soapbox (there's a reason I stand on one, mj):

              Knowing, by referring to...(here it comes)....Science is always better than much less informed, non clinical, internet guessing. Keeps ya relatively safe, if nothing else, and for some it can even be interesting. Here's one way to tell the difference: Science says ""We've found this to be repeatedly true" and offers long established evidence and experience (peer review and clinical practice get into the act), and non-, or quasi, "science" says "I think........." and don't got nuthin' tangible to show why, other than other quasies of the same bent and experience level agreeing that it's true.

              (And notice if you will: no shoving up against the locker by your shirtfront here, just standing here and talkin' lol. There is a whole world out there that functions with the expressed intent to diagnose and treat symptoms. All science-based, and very experienced. Few from that world try this on the internet, though).

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                Thanks for the info, Info. (No, that's not a stutter, Lol) However, there is not much info on the lymph vessels of the penis. It would be nice if you could find a diagram on how the lymph vessels run so i know which direction to massage them down. I haven't been able to find one any where on the internet.


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                  Well, as it turns out I can't find a specific diagram of they lymphatic system in the penis per se (not to say it's not out there somewhere). The general rule is that a given lymph vessel runs parallel to given venous/arterial vessels, and generally speaking this is in deeper tissue in the body. This is a given to anyone who's studied anatomy and physiology, so I can only assume that on the internet this is only described (easily found if you search) but not actually depicted. Don't know why; I have an A&P text which shows this. However,............

                  if you imagine kind flabby vessels along side of the deep dorsal vein and deep dorsal arteries, and the urethral arteries and veins, then you have it in general. (A little complication: there is some lymphatic drainage in the intact foreskin, but we don't have one of those so I left it out of the discussion).

                  The closer you get to the abdomen, the deeper the lymph system runs so tugging isn't the first cause that comes to mind with lymphedema. You have to understand that "superficially", meaning up in the outer tissue layers, the really small arteries and veins (arterioles and venules) are the primary suppliers and drainers of "skin" and mucosa, and in fact the venules are so small and permeable that they easily pick up and drain fluid in the tissues. So, given all that.... localized swelling would be the first box to consider in the ER doc's algorithm, which would cause him or her to think of simple trauma as the cause, not some deeper involvement, not the least because there would probably be other symptoms presented.

                  If it was me I'd leave the situation alone, or maybe apply a little warmth (not strong heat), and wait. Sounds like it's resolving on its own, so....yay, probably nothing major, so no need to do anything, or report anything (yet; I have to add yet because I don't have a crystal ball, just the two ordinary type, which get me into as much trouble as they do out of same ).

                  And by the way (and not to hijack this thread), to those with "hunches", heat, which causes an increased blood flow, could be (I ain't sayin' it is) one of those links or connections to an external/topical application, and the intrinsic process of mitosis, or better yet increased blood flow as the link. Scientific research into skin expansion found that compromised blood flow, a common problem from tension at lab and clinical values), could be somewhat alleviated by increasing blood flow (through chemical means). Just sayin'. Links or connections, there's a chance, who knows, but not so much for a space through which tumbleweeds roll, and the wind doth howl.


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                    UPDATE: After not tugging or having sex/masturbating for one whole week, I am happy to report that all the swelling and the hard, blocked lymph vessel have went down and back to normal. I think I will still wait a few more days to resume tugging. Man, that put a scare into me. I'm glad it was temporary. Seeing your foreskin all puffed out like paraphimosis is disconcerting to say the least. I think this was a result of too much pusher pressure on my TLC X, so guys, BE CAREFUL with pusher pressure! No loss though, taking time off is a good thing. I actually noticeably gained some skin during my week off and the rebound shrinkage was minimal, proof that mitosis continues for DAYS after tension is removed. It's also good to rest your skin and let it recover from the stress of restoring.


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                      Glad to hear that your "willie" is back to normal.

                      "Overdoing it" (whatever it is) is an all too common impulse -- especially among men -- and, as you discovered, the cure generally is to suspend doing whatever it is you have been doing for awhile in order to allow your body to heal. Been there done that.

                      Of course, there are those who unfortunately went too far and have required medical treatment to fix whatever went wrong. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone being injured to such a degree using a tugger but I suppose it is possible.

                      In any event, your story should be instructive to tugger newbies. Using a tugger to achieve foreskin growth does not require excess tension. Light, consistent tension over time is all that is required and increasing tension excessively in order to reduce the time required is NOT helpful.

                      The lesson learned? Patience is a virtue.
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