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    I’m restarting my restoring process. I did tug for about 3 months and seen some good results about 4 years ago. I was wondering if I wore my TLC tugger 24/7 would I get faster results? I think I’m about a C2. When I don’t have an erection I’m about 95% covered and erect I can pull my skin all the way past my gland. I know everyone is different. Just looking to set up some kind of time line.

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    Tugging 24/7 may not be the best idea. What I do and most others do is tug during the day and let your skin rest at night by not wearing a device at that time. Tugging inevitably puts strain on your skin. Rest can mitigate pain and lessen chance of injury. With that being said, I have no MD after my name, by no means I am an expert. I am speaking on behalf of others and my own experiences. Some say even tug only 6 days a week But I don’t believe that is nessasary. In regards to tugging non stop to increase speed in which you grow skin back, yes tugging often and daily will help your cause versus seldom tugging and inconsistencies. But I would not recommend tugging 24/7.


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      Based on my experience, the amount of tension is the key variable, and the amount of time is much less important. This makes sense when you consider manual tuggers. I would suggest that trying for 24/7 will only increase your rate of progress if you can keep the tension optimal for all that time, unlikely in practice. I would recommend sorting out a schedule that works for your daily life, make it easy to implement and continue over the long haul. Then make sure you tension is optimal for growing more skin. do that, and if it ends up being several times a day, all the better.

      If you do not know what amount of tension is optimal for you to grow skin, then experiment a bit for the first few months, so that you learn that, then you will be on your way.

      Background: I started with very little skin, almost no inner skin, no movement when erect. I tried starting out with 24/7/365. Didn't work in terms of keeping tension constant, particularly at night, where nocturnal erections had to be accommodated, but even so, progress was uneven.

      Switched to 4-6 hours, 4 days a week, and made sure tension was optimized. progress was improved, even though the time under tension was less.

      Switched to inflation, 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. Progress was as good or better than at 4-6 hours a day, even though time under tension was less.