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Can too much weight lead to shrinkage?! Bizarre lengthening and then shrinkage happening!! Help!

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  • Can too much weight lead to shrinkage?! Bizarre lengthening and then shrinkage happening!! Help!

    Hey Guys,

    I've been restoring for about 3 months, had some slack to start with and saw some good progress with the DTR. Then I got a little obsessed with trying to lengthen AND restore at the same time, and switched over to weights...(The DTR is essentially a VLC, since it does create a vacuum).

    There was one day when my penis got seriously stretched while using in, I looked like I had someone else's penis for 24 hrs... I took time off to heal and recover from that, and went back to weights without anymore incidents like that, but the last time I measured my erect length was half an inch less! My flaccid size seems to be about the same if not bigger, and I have a lot of extra slack that continues to develop, but my penis is general feels bet up, and I'm trying to understand this phenomenon/setback while I switch to the TLC-X

    Thanks to anyone taking the time to read and respond.

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    Using weights cannot result in shrinkage. I've used a 22oz PUD for years and it has contributed significantly to the growth of my foreskin and has had no discernible effect on the length of my penis (flaccid or erect).

    Something else is happening. Can't say what - measurement error, perhaps? You obviously caused some injury to your penis by using the weights and some tissue contraction may have occurred in the course of healing but the use of weights per se would not be the cause of any shrinkage.

    If anything, using weights consistently could actually increase penis length by stretching the suspensory ligament but that's another matter.
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      For me this seems to indicate that you injured your dick. PE hanging is a very risky method. How much weight did you use? Any pain?


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        Hey, thanks for the responses. I had about 20 washers from the hardware store attached to a wasn't a light amount, I admit but it wasn't overly heavy and, when working with the four hour rule...I was maybe at the 3 to 3 1/2 hour rule, but there wasn't any unusual discomfort until that one day. I've been doing some gentle massage nightly now just to let the dude know he's loved...I think I just shocked my system and went overboard on the gun-ho approach, but it did scare me.

        Do you guys think it's overly ambitious aim for a dual goal of restoration and lengthening? If I used the VLC with light weight...any thoughts on that, regarding safety, amount of weight, etc.



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          Originally posted by Justin Aloia
          Do you guys think it's overly ambitious aim for a dual goal of restoration and lengthening?
          Short answer: Yes.

          Long answer: Foreskin restoration (FR) and penile lengthening (PL) are apples and oranges. The purpose of tugging and using weights in FR is just to give a consistent measure of tension to promote skin growth, not to lengthen the penis itself. The most common method used is pumping, which temporarily enlarges the size of the entire penis (length and grith) through the use of air pressure.

          I do not believe there is any "scientific" proof that pumping causes any permanent change in the size of one's penis. However, there are many ancedotal reports of size increases from those who do it to it regularly. In my case, I use to pump 1-2x's a week and I believe that I gained at least 1/4" in length as well as some girth doing it but I did not measure it precisely. It just seems bigger to me.

          Pumping also creates tension on the suspensory ligament holding the penile shaft to the pelvic bones and it has been suggested that this can result in lengthening the suspensory ligament which increases the "visiable" length of the penis by allowing more of the penis that's inside the abdomen to be exposed. The quicker way to achieve this is through surgery, whereby the suspensory ligament is cut to achieve the same result. Other than that, there is no known method to actually increase penis length.

          So, for FR restoration, tugging by whatever methods you prefer is best and for PL pumping or surgery may be the better choices.
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