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Mini-orgasms: Evidence to why circumcision destroys intercourse

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  • Mini-orgasms: Evidence to why circumcision destroys intercourse

    Lately, on Pornhub, I've come across a video in which an intact man was able to ejaculate 5 or more times during a 6-minute-long vaginal intercourse (see the link at the bottom of this post). Honestly, seeing him ejaculate multiple times without taking a single break got me really surprised and also made me question

    1)whether someone who is completely restored will get to experience anything similar to that.

    Before reaching his final orgasm, he had multiple 'mini-orgasms', in which he pulled his penis out of the vagina to release something

    2)which I suppose is the pre-ejaculate fluid (precum).

    The amount of precum (?) he produced during each of those mini-orgasms was ample, not even comparable to that of any circumcised guy's that I've seen so far. This, I see as an evidence to why circumcised sex might be much less enjoyable than the intact sex. Possibly with as dramatic a ratio as 1/10 (circumcised/intact).

    I want sex to be more enjoyable for both my partner and myself. Maybe I'll never get to experience 5 mini-orgasms in a row, but even getting to experience just 1 of them is better than nothing. So what are you opinions on this? Any fully-restored guys that want to talk about their experience?

    Note: I've numbered my questions as 1) and 2) above.

    WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT! (sorry for posting this video)
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    I'm gay, and have been with a number of uncut men over the years, none were capable of anything remotely like that. I think circumcision tends to generally decrease sexual capability in an individual, but individual differences still are the most important part of that. Some years ago, long before I was seriously into restoration, I knew a (rather tightly) circumcised guy with a minimal refractory period - he could easily cum 4 times in an hour when he wanted to. Masturbation was not any kind of struggle for him even with no real slack skin. Now, would he have been capable of something even more extraordinary with a foreskin? Who knows, but he certainly was the most capable guy sexually I've ever met if measured from that specific perspective.

    My husband, by contrast, is intact, and is very much a one and done guy. He can ejaculate once a day - that is all. All the very ample CI-9 foreskin in the world doesn't make him capable of more than that.

    I think the more relevant question is, would the guy in that video be capable of what he did if he got circumcised? That's a very interesting question, and one I doubt he will be trying to answer any time soon.

    I encourage everyone to keep realistic expectations about the effects of restoration. Foreskin just doesn't dramatically lower refractory periods or give you a fundamentally different sexual response. The reality is that sex happens mostly in the head between your ears. I am a very visually stimulated person. Restoration for me has equally been about improving the mechanics of sexual response as well as giving my brain what it has always wanted to see on my own body.
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      I find intact men to be able to orgasm more quickly either thru sex or masturbation. But thats not the refractory period.
      the dude in the vid looks like he is mid 20s. I could cum 5 times a day when i was 25, but never in a row. Couple hours between each was my best


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        Originally posted by CI5 View Post
        I find intact men to be able to orgasm more quickly either thru sex or masturbation. But thats not the refractory period.
        the dude in the vid looks like he is mid 20s. I could cum 5 times a day when i was 25, but never in a row. Couple hours between each was my best
        Yeah heard a lot of it. Even me, when I was younger and psychologically more sound, I could cum 5 times a day, every 1-2 hours... That's like 5-6 years ago. I'm almost 22 now. Here's an interesting question to ask: the intensity of the pleasure an intact guy has in a single session of sex might be much higher than a cut man's (thanks to mini-orgasms etc.). That might explain why some cut men need to have sex several times a day, at least so when younger. Any idea?


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          I think it might just be something you're born with, or perhaps dependent on your attraction to your partner. I've found the more attracted I am to my partner, the more everything improves; foreplay, "stamina", and brevity of refractory period.

          I was with one of the more attractive women I've ever been recently and the sex was amazing. I was ready to go again by the time we were in the shower from the session before. And then again minutes later... and again... and again... But alas, the hot/crazy matrix is all too accurate and it was not meant to last...

          One of my other ex's didn't spark as much joy, and once a day was pretty much my limit with her.


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            Regarding vid, I’m wondering whether they were indeed mini orgasms or just one long prolonged climax with intermittent ejaculations. I remember that once or twice as memory goes, I’d had a similar experience. It had been one of those encounters with my ex where my ejaculate seemed to be coming in spurts as one continuous event, intermittently after several in strokes. Come to think of it, my experience was almost exactly to that on the vid. All I can say is that I was very aroused and very turned on during that encounter and yes, I was probably in my thirties, much younger than I am today. The weird thing is that I’m circumcised. In my case, I think that experience was directly due to the fact that I was REALLY turned on and was really into my partner at the time.,As someone rightly put it...deep climaxes occur between the ears, not under the foreskin.


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              Long before I restored I was able to have about 5 mini orgasms during straight intercourse, spread out over 15-30 minutes. There was definitely an emission each time. But when I focused on achieving this, the final "full" orgasm (which hit a markedly higher peak than any of the mini ones) was sometimes hard to attain (I literally gave up a few times), and was never quite as intense as a climax that was "given" to me with urgency by my partner.

              Since restoring and since getting a few decades older, we lately never spend as much time in bed as we used to - we're just busy. We focus on efficiently giving her 2-3 orgasms, which I feel very "connected" to. These each are not an orgasm for me but it's a rush of sensation. Then when she's had enough about half the time when she prods me to finish she climaxes again with me.
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                Ron, all I can say after your recent post is...happy wife, happy life! Keep on keeping on🤙🏼