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Has restoring changed the shape of your erection?

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  • Has restoring changed the shape of your erection?

    I wonder if restoring will make my erection look like there is a big vein running up the underside of the shaft more so than it appears that way currently. Not a literal vein but an engorged corpus spongiosm I think that has the appearance of a vein.

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    I’m not sure what an engorged corpus spongiosm looks like on the ventral side of my erection since I don’t have anyone else to compare mine to, but one thing I really wish I still or would’ve had, had I been left intact was what I’ve seen in pictures of some uncut penises...and that’s a very veiny foreskin (actual veins) on or surrounding the glans as well as along the entire length the shaft. I imagine that owners of such things must have super charged or super sensitive penises with so much blood circulation and nerve endings throughout.


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      It'll maintain the same shape as before. Looser skin won't affect what's underneath, unless it had previously been so tight that it prevented a full erection.

      The corpus spongiosum is the erectile chamber on the ventral side of the penis, which surrounds the urethra. During erections, the tissue fills with blood, and it appears as a bulge along the underside. That's perfectly normal, though not every man has the same penis - some might have a more prominent bulge than others. For all of us, though, the penis isn't perfectly cylindrical:

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        No change in the shape for me. I have full coverage when flaccid and i am a grower so when erect I pretty much look the same. Much more loose skin in my shaft but appearance unchanged.