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What is this darker skin on the underside of my penis?

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  • What is this darker skin on the underside of my penis?

    And why is it there? What does it imply about how I was cut?

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    Originally posted by Zbubs View Post
    And why is it there? What does it imply about how I was cut?
    Hi, That doesn't look unusual at all. It might be an artifact of how we develop in the womb. Until 3 months gestation, all babies are basically female. Then under the influence of male hormones, the penis enlarges and the urinary opening migrates to the tip. This leaves a seam, called the raphe. Its appearance varies widely.
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      Thank you


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        If you're referring to the darker line of skin around the circumference of the shaft, closer to the glans, that's the scar. If you were cut in a hospital as an infant, it was probably done with the same sort of clamp as most of us (the dark brown scar appears to be common in all but the lightest skin types). It looks like some of your frenulum survived, though - is it any more sensitive than the rest of the inner foreskin remnant?


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          I think you've discovered that you have the anatomical feature known as the "scroti of Klatsch." The scroti of Klatch is described by Geoffrey Jefferson (1916) as:
          ..."the so-called area scroti of Klatsch. These are two areas, one on either
          side of the root of the penis on its under surface, differing from the
          rest of the penic skin in presenting a darker, rougher appearance, in being
          very rich in sebaceous glands, and plentifully provided with hairs."

          It is also mentioned by Ken McGrath in his 2001 paper entitled "The Frenular Delta":
          "Another example is the presence of hair on the underside of the penis — a
          source of concern for some men; this is explained by the area scroti of
          Klatsch, which does not seem to have been reported since 1916. This ventral
          extension of hair-bearing skin from the scrotum (with most of its
          characteristics) is a triangular region with its base at the penile-scrotal
          junction, having its point of disappearance at a variable distance up the
          shaft (but not beyond the beginning of the outer prepuce), and is equally
          distributed on either side of the median raphe."

          To download "The Frenular Delta" as a PDF, click on this URL, then“Recommended Reading” in the sidebar, then scroll way down to where “The Frenular Delta” is listed:

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            z726, it is most sensitive part of forskin for me. A bit numb feeling, unless I focus on it intensely, and then it is a bit sharply painful to stimulate, but not painful enough to avoid stimulating it.

            It was the raphe or scroti of klatsch that I was talking about originally.

            David, thanks.