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Hyper pigmentation maybe down to loss of foreskin

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  • Hyper pigmentation maybe down to loss of foreskin

    I know this post isnt entirely about foreskin however its causing me concern and I know you guys give great answers, basically if you didnt already know hyperpigmentation is caused mainly in darker skinned people like my self(having italian skin) it can be caused from to much exposure from uv or damage to my glands from masterbation or sex which wasnt properly lubricated which caused my cells to make dark brown spots on my glands or not having it protected by the foreskin and the damage has caused pigmentation. Im just wondering if anyone else has gone through problems with pigmentation and if so what can i do to lower the darkness of the spots, if it was anywhere else on my skin i would just by the creams, i dont want to see a doctor to the fact its embarrasing and it causes problems with my sex life due to embarrasment? Yet again i know that people arent doctors on here but it sort of does involve me being circumcised

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    Having the genetic tendency is one cause, but just aging is the really common cause, and this is true whether or not you have coverage, so while that may not be you now, it may be you and a lot of us in the future. It just happens; it can be as natural as the so-called "natural" remedies out there. Here is a link. Please read the very last paragraph, though, and rethink buying some 'promise' on the internet; that way can lead to real trouble. Keep in mind that women (assuming that's the type of fish in the sea for you) commonly have some degree of hyperpigmentation as well. Anyhow, my advice is talk to a professional first before you do anything about it.