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  • Powders? Application questions

    I received my TLC-X on the 15th of January and have worn it almost every waking moment. I put it on before going to bed, but sometime during the night a painful pinching feeling and remove it and go back to sleep.

    I have attached a “sheet stay strap” to a ring on the end and have it attached to my sock. I need to get something that will connect above the knee to help prevent it slipping due to it being on my sock but this works for now.

    I have to reapply several times a day as it slips off. This happens even if I do not have the strap attached but more often if I do and walk around or squat the wrong way.

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation as to a powder or other method to help keep the “my skin cone” in place and keep the foreskin in place. My biggest problem is the foreskin on the opposite side from my frenula. This bit is the shortest and will slip out first and is in fact most difficult to get into place to begin with.

    Should I keep the rod of the TLC-X inline with the shaft when applying the device? Or to get more effect on a certain area of skin tilt the rod/device that direction when setting the device into place?

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    When I first got my TLC-X, I didn’t have enough skin to use the my skin cone. So I substituted a baby bottle nipple cap with the top cut off. At first I didn’t use the rod either, just the tugger body and the nipple cap. My goal was to first grow enough skin so that it would stay in place about half way up the tugger body or maybe slightly less than that. After a few months, 3-5(?) I was able to use the my skin cone instead of the bottle cap. I rinse both the cone and tugger body each time it’s removed so there is no residue of sloughed off skin cells remaining. That way, a good contact is ensured. I used to use talcum powder in my daily routines just to keep that area dry and clean. I’ve since stopped doing that because the powder will defeat my purpose of having good skin contact with my device. I’m not aware of any other substance, powder or otherwise which can aid in better adhesion. Although I’ve heard some restorers use a bit of lotion on the push plate, but I think it’s for more comfort to the tip of the glans. Good luck and KOT!


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      I hadn't thought of the sloughing, or the fact the power would inhibit the growth. Thanks


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        When you start tugging your skin is not pliable yet, you need to use just the body of the TLC-X as a tugger to get the skin tube stretched, I would suggest not using the rod, collet, springs or rubber bands until you can cover the body of the TLC-X at least 3/4 of the way otherwise you are going to have slippage problems. Also I was My Skin Cone and tugging devices every day with Dawn dish washing soap, this removes the skin cells and oils that your body produces, thus you have a clean tugger. Also rinse your skin regular with clean water and dab dry often this help the My Skin cone grip better, when I started I would keep a bottle of water and paper towel handy for rinsing off when I had a slippage problem. After you have grown enough skin then slipping off will be less of a problem.