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O-Ring theory for developing a ridged band

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  • O-Ring theory for developing a ridged band
    Recently came across this, and was just wondering what people think about it. I admit, I was skeptical, but the results seem to speak for themselves.

    This could be a good thing to remember, when you reach the end-stage of your restoration, since keeping the skin forward is a common issue with restored foreskins (or so I've heard). Obviously, we can't recreate the nerve endings that normally make that area very pleasure-sensitive, but perhaps we can restore the functionality of that part.

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    Thanks for sharing this, interesting. I guess it partly depends upon how one defines a "ridged band". To me the photos look like the skin under my wedding ring. Compressed relative to the surrounding skin, but otherwise the same. If that helps him keep it forward, then it may be a useful trick. However, as I have gotten more skin, I see the same wrinkles, and my skin closes and grips tightly, so I am not convinced that this would be different if he had not created that narrowing in his skin. I am not going out to get O-rings to do this.


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      I've seen that... looks like a happy accident to me. I highly doubt one could recreate it on purpose, but maybe...
      I would think you'd have to wear the o-ring on exactly the same spot for a very long time for something like that to develop... or perhaps he just had it way too tight one night and did some damage that just happened to be beneficial.


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        Skip this section if you don't care about non-relevance to this thread:

        I've been visiting this site on a daily basis for a while, helps me envision the end goal and learn from all of you - THANK YOU ALL!!!!! Decided to make an account today, I did several months of restoring about a year ago (With DTR) and a lil bit of manual before that, (even tho I didn't have a clue about restoration when I did the manual, just seemed natural that the damn skin should cover my glans and it irritated me so I liked to stretch it). Since April or so I've been going balls-to-the-wall with shooting for 11 hrs a day of gentle-ish tension per day (if someone define gentle tension in mathematical terms it would be great, I've read other posts about the difficulty of measuring how hard they are tugging with various devices and I have some wonderful Redneck-Engineering solutions as to how to quantify this that I plan to share!) I was THANK GOD cut very loose and after a cumulative of probably 6 months of tugging have reliable roll over while sitting 100% and depends on the day while standing. Enough about me:

        Relevance starts now:

        Relevance to this thread - The inventor of the DTR (Bless that guy) recently posted some updates (some of which with a very scary looking battle with BXO, WHICH IS NOT CAUSED BY RESTORATION), but given some of the things he went through I think point me towards NOT using the O ring theory - as was said earlier in this thread it does indeed look like he was able to cause some damage to his skin thru use of the O ring that acted as a rigid band. Great effect - not worth the risk of damage in my opinion, but please weigh in if you disagree. I personally feel that restoration should have the goal of NO damage, I think he summarized his experience very well. Make sure to check the second link which details his experience after he dealt with the negatives of his personal afflictions.

        To clarify, there likely is a safe level of using O-rings for retaining - I'm not trying to discourage retaining; however, whatever this dude did clearly caused physiological effects which look to me (an uneducated eye from a medical standpoint) to be some level of callusing or low-level scaring (although it went away so probably not scaring), so to me, I think i'd rather avoid things like that on my penis.



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          Do you have a piercing that leaks urine? I've been using an O-ring for over 5 years 24/7. I always dab off urine before reapplying my ring for hygiene purposes. His situation doesn't seem to threatening to the majority of restoring men, but definitely something to consider.


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            No I definitely do not. I actually went back and added that last paragraph cuz I didn't wanna give the impression of saying NO WAY IT'S DANGEROUS, and to reiterate the BXO he went thru had nothing to do with restoration from a causal standpoint. Thanks for the input! I was just pointing to the page because as that guy healed you could see the callused skin sloughing off from where the O-ring was which gives us some insight as to how it acted as a rigid band for him. Do you see the same effect? I was tempted to start using O-rings the other day but then saw Chucks update and decided against it, any insight you could share would be useful knowledge.