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  • Sleeping question.

    So unfortunately I am only able to tug when I get off work. And work 12 hours most days so this leaves minimal time in reality. My job is high security and you have to be wanded with a metal detector every day when leaving the facility. So it’s pretty much impossible to tug there.

    with that being said, I am currently only using a strap, and my dtr to focus on the outter skin that I need the most right now. Luckily I have enough skin to When I put on the dtr, I can get fully erect and not have it uncomfortable at all, just barely stretches the outter skin and I mean barely...

    so my question is, could I sleep with this device on? I can wear it 8+ hours just fine on my days off, so what harm would be done? Thanks for any input.

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    My general understanding for all devices is that you’re really not supposed to sleep with them on due to nocturnal erections and the ensuing harm it could cause. Now, I don’t know exactly what kind of harm it could do in the short or long term. But I imagine that if you managed to sleep x amount of hours with it on and then had an erection it would cause discomfort and you would awaken and naturally take it off. So, not sure how that could cause harm. Of course, if you sleep like a bear and sleep through the potential discomfort after having the nocturnal erection then that would be a problem. But again, I still don’t recall the what the actual physiological danger is.

    For me, I am looking to get back into restoring after a near 2 year hiatus. I don’t have a job like yours and I am actually home for work quite a bit. I just find that wearing a strap all day is more mentally challenging for me. It’s like I am constantly aware that this thing is hooked up to leg or whatever. Even without wearing a strap I find it a bit annoying and I am always conscious that it’s there. And then the fact that when you have to use the bathroom you have to take it off etc. I drink a gallon of water a day so I am constantly using the bathroom. No joke there. Kudos to all the guys out there that are ambitious enough to wear the strap to their leg. I just can’t seem to get on board with that. So...wearing something at night seems to be a real ideal situation: 8hours of tension, no getting up to urinate, and no consciousness of wearing it, aside from a few moments during the night that you wake up to toss and turn. Just seems like a win win situation. But-the nocturnal erection issue puts us at square one.

    I know that the tlc-x has an option to use springs that allow for room for nocturnal erections. But I need to research that further. That could be the device to use. I just skimmed through it on his website but he does specifically say that the springs are for that purpose.


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      Every device I have seen warns against wearing while sleeping. I won’t claim to give advice but I can tell you my experience. I’ve used a few different methods for FR for many years and I’ve slept with most of them. I used t tapes with a strap - no problem sleeping with those and currently using a canister and strap and no issues there either.

      a few things going for me that may be the reason this is possible for me.

      I am not an overly sound sleeper so if I get an erection and there is an issue, I wake up enough to adjust what I need to and go right back to sleep.

      I also have enough foreskin so what ever device I am using I can be fully erect without causing problems .

      I think like anything else you just need to experiment to see what works and stays safe.

      have you thought about trying to come up with a t tape method that would go undetected at work? I was in a similar situation for a while - 12 hour shifts on my feet. I used a PUD for a little while - it works pretty well when you are on your feet but a metal detector will obviously pick it up.


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        I used to tug at night, sometimes the strap would come undone but that was easily replaced, it didn't cause me any ills, I always used moderate tension.

        I used t-tapes I still stand by as the best method.

        Is it possible you could use t-tapes at work then a non-metallic clip to fasten it to your strap? I used to use suspender clips, though obviously those are metallic.


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          I think Ron may want to weigh in on this, I think I remember him saying something about rigging a setup for himself that allowed him to tug at night.

          When I started restoring, I was working 12-hour shifts as Air Force security forces, in an area that was about as restricted as you can get. My solution was to wear the DTR, as it is almost entirely plastic. There are 2 tiny screws (which can be removed, if you switch to using rubber bands for tension), and that's it. Legally, I'm not allowed to say literally anything about our security protocols, but I can say that I made it through it all without anyone ever suspecting a thing. I find wearing a leg strap with the DTR also makes it almost impossible to see the device through clothing, so you should be safe from both the wands, and prying eyes. Obviously, looking for (or making) a strap that has no metal would be my recommendation.

          Worst case scenario, tell 'em you have a piercing. I joke, but I hope this helps you.


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            I am wondering whether you might consider applying your tugging device inside a bathroom stall once you’ve entered your place of work, then remove it before exiting the building. It could be stored in your back back or some such place. That way, when you are wanded through security there won’t be anything to detect.
            Regarding what reuncut wrote about the springs of the TLC-X, I wasn’t aware that they were for the purpose of allowing for nocturnal erections. I thought they were to be used for bi-directional tensioning for tugging on inner skin. Maybe I need to review its actual purpose.
            Like you, I’m not able to tug while sleeping, but I did purchase Ron Low’s danglers and tether which I attach to my TLC-X while I’m in bed, usually for about an hour or so while watching TV. I often use enough weight so it starts to become uncomfortable within an hour or so. Then I’d remove it before falling asleep. Granted, one will need a type of headboard for this set up to work properly because the weighted danglers are suspended over the top and dangle loosely on the other side. As dragons had noted, I’ve revisited using the strap around the leg below the knee while sleeping, but I toss and turn too much throughout the night to make that even feasible for me. Plus, the knee brace tends to interfere with my circulation.
            I retain using the system. I’ve found it’s one of the few manufactured retainers which once applied, will remain in place even throughout nocturnal erections. When this happens, it also serves as a type of tugging device because it’s light enough so it doesn’t interfere with the upward direction of my boner, while simultaneously gripping the foreskin and holding it forward in place. I’ve even ventured to wear it in conjunction with their weight system (only the 4 oz size), the next size up which is 8 oz. seems a bit heavy for me and after about an hour or so, I’ll just remove it before fully falling asleep. Although I seldom sleep while tugging, I do so indeed while retaining. Like vbmn0124 wrote, it’s probably best to experiment with various methods to determine if one will work for you. Good luck and KOT!


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              T-tape is the one method that's designed to work with an erection, so wearing it while you're asleep would only be a problem if you've got tight skin. I actually did have tight skin in the beginning, when I had started using T-tape, so getting a nocturnal erection would wake me up.

              It'll actually help to do few minutes of manual tugging while using the restroom at work. You can do more when you get home, or even just put on a device for the short amount of time you might have before you go to bed. It'll still make a difference.