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So I had multiple dreams of appearing uncircumcised a few times.

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  • So I had multiple dreams of appearing uncircumcised a few times.

    One dream I had was years ago, before I even knew foreskin restoration was a thing, and I did not even know what circumcision, or foreskin was, much less the functions of the penis. I just thought it was used to urinate with, and differentiate from male and female. I did not even know what sex was at the time. I was like 2-5 years old. In that dream, I was naked, and had TWO penises. One was circumcised, and the other uncircumcised. Years later at age 22 just a few months ago, I had a dream of appearing uncircumcised, where I was playing with my foreskin, and masturbating with my hand. (You cannot really do that as a tightly circumcised man) And last night, I had a dream where I went into a bathroom, where there was a big mirror by the sinks, and the urinal was one of those tall wall full length urinals right in front of the stalls on the wall. (If you stepped out of the stall, you could immediately see your reflection, and into the stall if you left the stall door open, and you can also see people's dicks in the mirror because they were urinating off to the side. Well, I entered and there was just one other guy in there. I proceeded to use the tall urinal, but since there was no dividers, you could see my dick in the mirror, but in the mirror, I was UNCIRCUMCISED, but I appeared circumcised/bare glans when I looked down, but when I looked back at the mirror, the foreskin was COMPLETELY covering the glans, but with no overhang. A Filipino walked in, (I am an American) looked at the mirror, and was laughing at me, and staring at my dick reflection in the mirror. I said "What is wrong?" He said "You are supot." But I heard the word "Uncircumcised" in my head when he said "Supot." He then turned and walked away, and I woke up.

    Now, I know dreams are symbolic. I have studied dreams before. I used to read the Bible a lot, and saw how God would send dreams to certain individuals. I studied the occult New Age, and saw how dreams are significant. Furthermore, many people in the New Prophetic Christian movement use dreams to Prophesy. Even Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream where he saw white kids, and black kids playing and getting along, and white folks, and black folks hanging out in the work place getting along. He had a dream where God showed him the future (Dr. King also had dreams where he saw Jesus). A mirror shows and represents your reflection, or your true self. If you look in the mirror, and you see an ugly fellow looking back at you, that means you are an ugly/nasty person. If you see a kind individual looking back at you, then you are a nice person. The mirror is not a good or bad object. It just reveals the truth. The mirror does not lie. It cannot lie. People look at themselves in mirrors in dreams, and they see a demon in place of their reflection looking back at them. That for example is a horrible thing! That tells you a lot about the individuals having those dreams. Well, I looked in the mirror while I was urinating in the urinal because there was no divider, and I could see my massive penis was uncircumcised. But I looked down at myself, and I was circumcised. Then the Filipino guy (who probably went to one of those "Operation Tuli" things and had a Tuli when he was 10-12) came in and saw my penis in the reflection. When he was laughing, I did not understand at first, and thought perhaps he was laughing at my massive penis size, that is when I looked in the mirror and saw I was uncircumcised. I asked him "What is wrong?" and he said "You are supot." Well, the mirror showed me as uncircumcised. The mirror does not lie. It cannot lie. The mirror reveals your true self. Even if you think you are a certain person for example. You can be white, and see your reflection in the mirror of a dream, and you are black, and then in the physical world you find out from a genetic test, that you have African ancestry for example. Lol. Mirrors are very significant in dreams.

    Edit: I have been restoring my foreskin for about three years now using DTR, and CAT II Q.

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    I have my doubts about dreams having valid symbolic use for analyzing our psyches. I just think of them as miscellaneous memories regurgitated at random to give us practice dealing with the unexpected.
    -Ron Low
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      Right on Ron!