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does restoring help with lasting longer

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  • does restoring help with lasting longer

    There has been studies showing that when circumcised, men are more likely to focus on getting to orgasm more than enjoying/ savoring the experience. Does restoration help with this?

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    I've heard accounts of restorers who completed their goals, and claimed that—though they felt much more sensitive—it didn't make them climax too easily, as one might expect.
    I believe it would be reasonable, based on admittedly anecdotal evidence, to restore for the reason you suggest. The guys I've read/heard speak on the subject claim that the sensitivity allows them to "savor" (borrowing your word) smaller sensations that they didn't feel before. The path to climax was almost as much fun as getting there, supposedly.

    I don't know that it's a fact that cut men are more orgasm-focused than uncut guys, but I can see how that could make sense.
    So, I'd say...maybe? It's not guaranteed, but it could definitely happen. It's a hard thing to get a concrete answer on, because there are so few guys who have completed their restorations and are willing to invest the time and effort to publicly answer questions like this. We have no data on the topic, I guess is what I'm trying to say. Most of what we have to go by are stories from fellow restorers...


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      Yes. As the glans becomes more sensitive from coverage, it'll give you more control over the stimulation you're getting. That will make it possible to last longer. Being able to savor the experience comes from more subtle sensations than you might have noticed before restoring, and that subtlety allows for a slower buildup of stimulation toward orgasm.

      There's also the benefit of not needing as much friction to get the desired stimulation as there was before restoring. As we've all noticed, going at it too hard might end things too quickly.

      Sure, it's anecdotal. I just don't see us getting any objective scientific documentation on the difference in stimulation during sex. In discussing this matter here, though, I think you'll find that many of us have had similar experiences. It worked for us - and it'll probably work for you, too.


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        I agree. From what I’ve read here in the forum as well as comparing to my own past experiences, even though I’m only at a CI4, I’ve definitely noticed a significant difference in the ‘savoring’ aspect of intercourse. I find there isn’t the need for so much mindless ‘hammering’ just so I can get to a point of super heightened stimulation. Instead, I can actually be more sensual, enjoy the smaller sensations, gradual build up and yes, savor the entire experience. Having said this, as a man in his fifties, I’m also aware that my age definitely impacts my abilities and experiences.


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          I really enjoy having sex in a very sensual way. much different than before restoration.I enjoy the experience from start to finish. I have crazy powerful orgasms and I have to stop myself from orgasming too soon. I usually stay very deep and my thrusts are much shorter. The nuance that I experience from sex is lovely. Never need lube and my girlfriend orgasms multiple times from intercourse. I think a lot goes into our sexual compatibility, but I definitely think the skin comes into play. Changes thrusting style, and lubrication etc.. I find that the vagina grips my skin in a way where it makes the whole experience more intense. Also I push my skin forward before entry and that makes you slide in much differently. Hope that's helpful.
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