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    Gentlemen, I've been restoring for about 4 1/2 months. I've been fairly consistent and even had a few weeks in which I wore my canister 24/ 7 but stopped that at the advice of my brothers in restoring. I hadn't done any manual tugging for about five weeks. I've been primarily using my TLC tugger lately. Tonight I did some manual tugging after showering and I was blown away. I was able to pull on so much more slack than I had before. I apologize for not being more scientific. I can't give real numbers, but I'm telling you guys, there is a significant change in my slack. It's crazy because in my busy day to day life, its hard to notice any change, but it is happening. I started at what I think was a CI 0 and now I think I'm at or rapidly approaching CI 2. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I'm inspired to be more scientific and more carefully measure and record my progress. Thank you gentlemen... Best wishes

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    You've found a rhythm that works for you. Just wait until you have the benefit of the foreskin and your body is whole.
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