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  • Progress Photo Tips?

    Now that I have a steady routine, I want to have a high quality progress journal.

    Does anybody have any tips for taking progress photos? Here is the routine I think I'm going to setup. Feel free to add input.

    1.) Each month, take 2 photos: one straight ahead and another from the side.
    2.) Before each photo session, remove tugging device for 2 hours to allow skin to relax back because I want to show the skin in an un-stretched state.

    Any other tips or suggestions? My goal is to have something like Ron or the guy from where you can really see the incremental progress...

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    I would suggest taking your 2 pictures right after getting out of the shower. That's the only time I find my size and state to be relatively consistent.


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      rjc9699, great to have you here with us on Ron'st board!


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        Originally posted by ryanjpreston
        Does anybody have any tips for taking progress photos? Here is the routine I think I'm going to setup. Feel free to add input.
        Hi, on the old forum, the usual suggestion was to take 3 pictures, one from the front and 2 from the sides.

        For 1.) I would take one straight ahead and two from the sides.
        For 2.) I'd suggest to take the pictures in a consistent and reproducible manner of your choice. This includes any of the 2 suggested moments above or any other you can easily include in your daily routine.

        I'd suggest a few tips more, more on the technical/photographic side, extracted from the Photos/ resizing thread:

        3.) Use good lighting (i.e. don't take pictures with a dim source of indirect light), preferably outdoors or near a window. With plenty of light your camera/phone will use a shorter shutter time (higher shutter speed), reducing the chance of motion-blurred (hand trembling blurred) pictures.

        4.) Shoot as many pictures as you need until you get it properly focused on what you want. If you want to take a closeup picture of your penis and it ends up blurred (and the floor perfectly crisp!), move the camera/phone a bit away from it so it can focus properly. Discard all but the best ones.

        5.) Resize-down your images before posting. No need for 50-Megapixel images on the forum. A resolution of 1024x768, resulting in a size of 150~250 KB can perfectly serve the purpose. You can use any tool you have handy, e.g. M$ Paint on Windoze, I-photo on the Mac, GIMP on Win/Mac/Linux, or lots of tools for iOS and Android phones.
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