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    Hey guys, after about a month or so of manual tuggin 30 min to an hour 6 days a week, when i am flaccid the skin is bunching up next to the head of my penis! Anyways, just wondering and making kind of two discussion questions. I notice that my scrotal skin is like literally and uncomfortably halfway up the shaft of my penis. So I was wondering if I will see this go back down when I restore my foreskin. Second question related to this is that my penis curves downward in a banan shape way, but the curve starts right where the scrotal skin stopsm Like if I pull up on my scrotal skin, the connected skin ends exactly where it starts to bend. So if the scrotal skin does go back down, will my penis straighten out because of the then non existent matter of scrotal skin being so tight that it curves my penis? Anyways, rhanks for your replies in advance!

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    I had a very slight upward curve and a bit of a "turkey neck" when I started restoring. After almost 4 years of FR, both of these are either gone or imperceptible now. Keep on tugging on while you may not experience any miracles, I'm sure you'll see improvements.


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      Yes, as you grow additional skin near your glans, the skin near your scrotum should move back toward your body. How much is hard to say.

      ‚ÄčIf your skin is so tight that your penis cannot fully extend, then yes, as you grow more skin your penis will straighten out. How much is hard to say.

      Bottom line is that restoring won't make things worse, may make them better, and you have to restore to know which and how much.