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A Motorized Restoration Device

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  • A Motorized Restoration Device

    This is a motorized foreskin restoration device that guys who use it describe as the best advanced design. It cycles 300 times an hour gently pulling on the skin.


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    300 times an hour is an unproven concept, so it's pretty much meaningless. Is 5 minutes of tension, and then a rapid cessation of that tension, and then an immediate reapplication of tension, an optimal routine? I don't know, but I would suspect not, considering that the biochemicals which stimulate cell division might be impeded. But who knows, maybe the blood flow which carries those biochemicals wouldn't be impeded, but rather supported.

    The operative concept in clinical skin expansion is simply basic tissue deformation for a period of time. No magic, no super science. Just cycles of tension which deform tissue beyond the tissue's "locking point". If someone here can find a scientific article on skin expansion which addresses this, then the conversation can continue. But until that happens, there is no indication that 300 cycles, or 200, or 10, is optimal or even effective at all. SOME cycles, yes, but the important idea is to reach the tissue's locking point, and to go beyond that, not some random number of cycles.

    "More" (300) rarely equals effective, but it sells stuff to the uninformed public.


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      Doesnt really show how it operates


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        Don't give a whole lot of info on that contraption, do they?